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01-23-2003, 06:38 PM
Ok, I remember a topic a long time ago about really stupid things we've done. See, this morning, I was stupid, and did another stupid thing, so I figured, "Hey, other people must have done MORE stupid things since 2 years ago!"

Here's the story:
I woke up, and got all cleaned up and junk, and I was really bored. I was thinking "Hmm, snow, Hmm, Out Cold, Hmm, Snowboarding! I KNOW! I'll go snowboarding in my backyard!" Ok. Retarded Idea.
It was actually going quite well when I went almost up to the street to get more distance. I actually picked up a fair bit of speed, and that's when the gate closed on me. I, being retarded, didn't think to stop, and flew not only INTO my fence, but OVER it (I have a 2-foot-tall fence). I landed hard on my shoulder, so it actually hurts a lot now.

It reminded me of another one of my snowboarding stories.
Ok, I was at (I think) Wintergreen, and was heading down the hill, when I started losing control a bit. I was kinda drifting over towards the poles that hold up the chair lift, and I was thinking "Aw, it's okay, those things are padded like a mother!" and I even began to get excited, thinking it would be like falling into a pool filled with pillows. WRONG. I smacked into it, and i swear i broke every bone in my face. Those things ARE padded, but what I failed to think of, was it was 40 below, and the padding was FROZEN SOLID. Ouch.

Anyways, Post Away.

01-23-2003, 07:42 PM
me and friend do "jackass" videos (mtv show)

me and 3 buddies went in a shopping cart and went down a snowy hill, very fun, yet ****ing stupid..

my friend broke is arm, lol

we want to do more, but its been 2 weeks with -30, so its too cold...

01-23-2003, 07:56 PM
Ummmmmmmmmmm I haven't done anything stoopid in awhile :(

01-23-2003, 08:09 PM
About a year ago, I voiced out that I wanted a Catholic girlfriend, which ended up with someone banned. I guess voicing it out was stupid though.

Eh.. well, I just re-arranged a few drives in an old computer, lost 2 screws to the case, somehow, and I dunno if the computer will still work.

I failed an test.

Meh that's it, nothing exciting.

01-23-2003, 09:52 PM
One time I boxed my annoying roomie up when he was sleeping. He awoke screaming "I am boxed in!"

I replied: "We all feel that way sometimes, Frank."

Al-back from the BigWhoop
01-23-2003, 11:18 PM
Originally posted by obi-wan13
One time I boxed my annoying roomie up when he was sleeping. He awoke screaming "I am boxed in!"
I replied: "We all feel that way sometimes, Frank."

lol, nice story. although if some1 boxed me in my sleep, i wouldnt wake up screaming "I am boxed in!", it would probably be "wtf?!" or something like that

01-23-2003, 11:20 PM
My buddies and I also did the jackass thing...we made up some of our own skits, but ultimately finished it off with the shopping carts into curbs.....and yes, ouch!

Speaking of Snowboarding, one spring break all 8 of us fellas got condos in colorado, and went to the slopes, it was a great friggin week. So I'm not as experienced as I'd like to pretend to be, I'm not horrible...but I'm not good yet, since winter sports aren't a regular thing around here. Well me and another buddy of mine broke off from the original group at one point, and were taking blues and greens....and we came to a split (I think we were at Keystone) and we back tracked a bit and saw a sign pointing left for a green trail.....so we decided to take it. Well....the sign was wrong, what ended up starting out as a green was soon turned into a black diamond. The sign was pointing to a path just behind us....stupid arrows. So we both chanced it, and I got about halfway down and just fell on my face, so I decided to slide down on my stomach, I love that jacket. Lucky to me, the bottom of this slope branched out into 2 more black diamonds! whee! So I did the belly ride down....but my pal decided he'd swirve and plow his way down....sad to say he had a great fall, followed by some spinning and tumbling and screaming.....glorious! i helped him up...

01-24-2003, 12:45 AM
Me and my friends came across a shopping cart in a nearby parking lot while we waited for our pizza. I jumped in the car and told my friend to push me. Well, he let go and I didn't know, and a cop came yelling after. I slammed into the lightpost, the cop asked us to put the cart back. We're like "No problem man." He leaves, it sits.

That was fun. Dumb cop.

01-24-2003, 06:57 AM
Well, one time I drove five and a half hours just to see this girl... uh... nevermind.

01-24-2003, 10:42 AM
I do the jackass thing too...got a lot of funny stories but i aint got the power to type right now...

last jackass stunt i did was 2 days ago when me and 2 buddies saw a store for baby carriages and stuff, and there was one outside for display, so anyway i sat in it and one of my buddies drove me around the city in it and tried to kill me a couple of times by pushing me down the road in it and stuff like that.
man was i an ugly baby...

but i guess the most THOUGHTLESS and original stupid thing i've ever done is that time in finland when the outside john went in flames because of me...the story is somewhere on the board if anyone cares enough to search it...i dont :p

01-24-2003, 12:12 PM
night before my frined gets married, we strip him down completely, tie him to a chair and stick him in a glass elevator in a shopping mall in the middle of the day.

nuff said.

01-24-2003, 02:32 PM
.... this is really stupid, but its all i got

after seeing this girl for about a month (its not like we were 'together') her best friend came down from colorado to visit and i sorta... yeah you can guess... with her


01-25-2003, 08:16 AM
Can't think of any stupid things I have done, but although I always get top grades at school and Uni, and I'm not stupid, I can be incredibly "blonde" sometimes.

We had an air hockey table at work installed for the patients, but it was dirty, so someone suggested using silicone to get the grime off, and I'm like, but don't they use that for implants, and my colleague was like, yeah ok Helen, clean the table with fake breasts. I still don't know what they wanted to use, cos I know they use silicone in chips (not blonde enough to think the sort you eat with fish) and implants, lol. Never heard of it as a cleaning product.

I once also went to a school fair and bought a plate of little cakes the children had made. I had loads of bags, so I put the plate of cakes on top of my car while I put my bags in the bag, before driving off. You guessed it, I drove off with the cakes still on the roof. I only realised when I went round a corner and they shot off the car in front of me, and I run them over, and there was little squashed cakes all over the road.

I'm gonna look completely stupid on friday. There's a leaving do at work, and we all have to go in fancy dress. The theme is school uniform. I'm 26 and going out down the pub's and clubs in school uniform. That is sooo stupid!! I hope I don't see anyone I know, other than my mates also in uniform obviously.

01-25-2003, 11:43 AM
Too many to list! I bealieve stupidity is contagous.

I was sitting in my math class the other day watching my gay, clown teacher fumble through another train wreck of a lecture when a girl sitting one row behind me raised her hand. Clocking in at a healthy 5 questions in under 20 minutes, I could see already that I had no choice but to power bomb her through the wall during break. This girl is one of about five or so in my class, she's about 5.5 ft tall, shoulder length hair, toned body (because she's on the Racquet ball team, which lost by the way), and she always wears jogging pants to class--the kind that make a loud grinding noise when you rub the pant legs together.

While this girl went on to ask her inevitably stupid question which would have made me dumber for listening to it, I started looking around at the morons sitting around me, each one thoughtfully nodding as the girl prattled on with her question, which was now fully realized as being stupid as I had predicted.

01-25-2003, 11:43 AM
Let's see:
- Busted my ankle sliding down a 20+set of stairs on my skateboard, falling off and breaking/dislocating my ankle
- Climbed a 3-storey tall tree. fell out the top, broke my leg on the way down and landed on my head (God knows how I didn't die)
- Drank about a mug of pickle juice
- Got blasted in the face with an industrial jet-washer for a bet
- Drank my own piss :o (for a paid bet)
- Flipped off UK MC/DJ duo Oxide and Neutrino to their face
- Skate right up to a cop after he threatened me with a court warning for skateboarding in the town centre. Then acted all dumb and carried on skating (got that on film somewhere)
- Had a fight (proper fist fight) with a 40-year old drunk guy and won. Put him in hospital
- Told a mugger who pulled a knife on me to go f*ck himself, laughed at him and walked off
- Did the usual CKY/Jackass shopping cart thing a few years ago (before Jackass came on TV, but after seeing CKY). Went straight over a hedge and landed on my head on the concrete
- Broke into a building site, climbed on top of the Pizza hut they were building there and took a dumb on the roof
- Got hit by a 4x4
- Skated down a mega steep hill at 2am
- Got my arm pulled out it's socket by some girl
- 'Got with' girls that were going out with my friends :o
- Stole a 20 foot flagpole, barricaded a road with it, pissed on a car and then covered it in sand

Can't think of anything else at the moment, more soon

01-25-2003, 12:13 PM
There was that one time, my brother won't let me live this down I was 3 and they had this easter tree in the corner of this fine eating establishment. I looked at it and yelled, "What the Hell is that!" Everybody in the resturuant bursted into laughter. You know how it feels to have a whole resturuant laugh at you? :sweat: :violin:

Boba Rhett
01-25-2003, 12:54 PM
Thank you all for attempting to clean up the gene pool whilst providing me with countless minutes of entertainment but I do ask that you please all try a little harder in the future. Thanks. :)

01-25-2003, 01:02 PM
i'd swear on my mothers Llama that that was spam from an admin, am i right, or am i just being ignorrant?

01-25-2003, 01:28 PM
Originally posted by Neil Joshi
i'd swear on my mothers Llama that that was spam from an admin, am i right, or am i just being ignorrant?

It wasn't spam. It was Rhett talk. There is a difference.

01-25-2003, 02:03 PM
Originally posted by obi-wan13
It wasn't spam. It was Rhett talk. There is a difference.


Well, I'm not sure if this is stupid, but it was embarrasing.
At school, cooking class, we had to watch a video. Well, the teacher paused it, cuz we were being to loud. Then, there was a lady on the screen, her eyes were half open, looked like she was super drunk/stoned. Everyone was quiet, and I burst out laughing for about 2 minutes until one kid finally shouted "SHUT UP!"

It was embarrasing.....lol

I cant think of 2 much, maybe more.....in the near future :D

01-25-2003, 02:14 PM
DAMN murta! you be stupid!:eek:


01-25-2003, 02:38 PM
Originally posted by obi-wan13
It wasn't spam. It was Rhett talk. There is a difference.

so i am ignorant. okay, just clearing things up.

oh, yeah, anohter stupid thing i did, i put down all my aces meaning i ahd to pick up the pack in a game of ****head. that was annoying. but you guys probably have no idea what i'm talking about so i'll shut up now.

ooh, here's one, i went to an airport and went up to one of the sterwardesses (the hottest one i could find) and pretended to be forieng and not speak a word of english. we took half an hour trying to figure out which airline i was meant to get my ticket from and when we finally figured it out, i left. but about two steps away i turned around and said in a perfect english accent 'cheers mate, i owe ya one' and then walked to my friends laughing my head off. it wasn't stupid.

and then we went to the arrivals part of the air port with a sign saying Wayne Car. it may not sound funny when reading it now, but if you say it fast enough (and know enough about english obscenities) i think you'll get it. so me and my friends standing in front of a load of people just arriving saying 'You Wayne Car?' really fast to passing people was just funny.

Darth Groovy
01-26-2003, 05:13 AM
I tried to shoot bottle rockets out of a bottle while riding shotgun in my buddie's Fiero. He turned the corner and the wind direction caused the sparks to shoot into the window and ignited our surplus ammunition in my lap. We both jumped out of the window and watched the display. The car looked like a pretty Christmas Tree. We spent hours trying to undo the damage.

01-26-2003, 12:52 PM
ooh, that reminds me of something stupid my friend once did (he's the king of it all).
you see, whenever i open a 2 liter bottle of drink (the kind in the plastic bottle like coke or pepsi) i always tap the side slightly after completely loosening the cap so the capp jumps up and then i catch it and pour my drink. i don't know why i do this, but it's become habit now. well, i told my frined about this so he went home a tried it. only he used both hands and bascially beat the crap out of it. this cause the bottle cap to reach heights of abominable value which he was very proud of. of course the drink came out after it also reaching great heights and he spent the rest of the night in his room.:D

01-27-2003, 01:11 PM
Maddest things i have done...

Cutting a tennis ball in half and using the suction on it to pop open a friends older sisters car door, so my friend cud get her sisters door key 2 get in the house...

Been on a scout hut roof and drank... being drunk i cudnt get down for about 3 hours :(

drove chris's car and popped the tyre! (duno how i managed that!)...

cheated in my GCSE french speaking ( the teacher had the answers to the wuestion section on the desk n i read them when shee went out the room)!

01-27-2003, 01:40 PM
drinking, ****ing myself up, looking like a fool, fooling aroung with my girl's best friend..on my girl's bed..

shoot me..

01-27-2003, 03:55 PM
i would shoot you, but i left my gun in my other pants.

oh, yeah, i once left my pin number with my cash card and then lost my wallet. not to worry thought, i'll be damned if they could figure out what i had written and i reported the card as soon as i'd realised i'd lost it (within about an hour, luckily my card hadn't been used yet)

Al-back from the BigWhoop
01-27-2003, 04:38 PM
i once hit a girl thinking she was a man. well, she did look very manly. and i didnt see her. some1 was poking my back and speaking with a man's voice. i got pissed of and punched him/her on the chest (she ddnt have any real breast). then i said "sorry, i though u were a man" then she/he hit me on the arm and said, "its ok, im cool"

now that i think about it, mabye she really was a man...

Darth Groovy
01-27-2003, 09:15 PM
Once microwaved a turkey dinner plate with plastic wrap on it. It was very, well.....shiney. :o

01-28-2003, 09:48 AM
Oh here's one i just remembered!

I went to school for nightclass one time and i saw my girlfriend outside the school with some friends of hers. (Xgf now)
anyway, my Xgfs best friend lookes just like her from behind.
so i'm sneaking up behind my GF, hug her from behind and touch her and all that...and it didnt feel right for some reason.
then she turned around and shouted "Oh my God!!" so that's when it hit me, i was feeling up my girlfriends best friend. then behind me comes my GF and got all mad (at her friend actually and not at me...go fig) and was all like "stay away from my boyfriend!"

I cant look her friend in the face anymore :D

01-28-2003, 12:48 PM
Originally posted by Darth Groovy
Once microwaved a turkey dinner plate with plastic wrap on it. It was very, well.....shiney. :o

that reminds me of something me and my friends did once. we didn't like this kid cuase he kept pissing us off (calling names, insulting us, even a bit of racism and violence) so we went to his house and walked in (no one ever locks there doors in the daytime round here as we seldom have robberies). then we went into his kitchen, stuffed it with eggs and tomatoes we found in the fridge and turned on the microwave for about half an hour, then left.

we found out some days after that the microwave blew up, not much damage (apart from the microwave), but he never found out it was us. :D i'm of course a lot more mature now, but those were the days.

01-28-2003, 01:34 PM
Originally posted by Al-back from the BigWhoop
i once hit a girl thinking she was a man.

Hmm...ever watched Family Guy?

01-28-2003, 04:16 PM
Originally posted by The Feral Chicken
Hmm...ever watched Family Guy?

"Oh my God! She's going into labour"
"You mean he's going into labour"

01-28-2003, 05:07 PM
Peter: So that's my plan, Principal Scheppel.
Scheppel: But...you didn't tell me anything. You just came in, sat down, and said "So that's my plan".

Hmm....anyway, getting back on topic...
I once licked a kettle to see if it was on.

01-28-2003, 09:08 PM
Ooh I once made a mixture of toilet cleaner, water and tooth paste. I was gonna get my little sister to drink it but i had an attack of guilt, so i drank it myself.

Toilet cleaner = Not good for throat

Al-back from the BigWhoop
01-28-2003, 09:45 PM
Originally posted by The Feral Chicken
Hmm...ever watched Family Guy?

yes, and i love it, but i dont know to wot chapter u r refering

Originally posted by The Feral Chicken
Peter: So that's my plan, Principal Scheppel.
Scheppel: But...you didn't tell me anything. You just came in, sat down, and said "So that's my plan".

best... quote... ever!