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01-23-2003, 10:17 PM
First off, let me say there aren't any levels being built yet, so if you're expecting screenshots, hit the back button.


The first level in the series takes place 2 months before the Battle of Endor.

I'll list the characters that will appear or play some role in the series:

Thanatos - Young Dark Jedi personally trained by Lord Vader. He believes that the Rebels butchered his family when he was a boy, and thus hates the Alliance with a passion.

Lord Vader - Do I have to elaborate?

Emperor Palpatine - Ditto.

Director Alek Mirras - The Empire's top scientist. In charge of an ultra secret project. A project even more secret than the second Death Star. I'll elaborate later.

That's all the major players. Here's the story summary for each level.

Level 1 : "Trial by Fire"- Alek's first mission as a Dark Jedi for the Empire. The Empire has recently become aware of a large Rebel training facility on the planet [insert name]. Normally, the Empire would launch a full scale assault, similar to the assault on Hoth. However, the Empire has been strapped for men and resources due to the construction of the second Death Star and the hunt for the traitor Admiral Zaarin. Thus, you're being sent in covertly to disable any planetary shields, ion cannons, and communications systems. Once completed he is to send a message signaling two ISDs to drop out of hyperspace and commence an orbital bombardment on the facility, reducing it to rubble.

Well, the mission is pretty straightforward. You get to the reactor, shut down all the required systems, and send the signal. Now, you're supposed to get 3 minutes to get out of there before the bombing starts. Well, you don't. So it becomes a mad dash to find a suitable mean of escape. You find an X-Wing and escape. You get into space and tell the ISDs who you are. One of them says they'll tractor you in. It starts pulling you in, and then...BOOM BOOM BOOM! They start shooting at you. So you take out the tractor beams with torpedoes, and after avoiding a crapload of laser fire, you escape into hyperspace.

I'll post the plot for the next level later, but how does it sound so far?

01-23-2003, 11:13 PM
Level 2 : "A Hasty Search" - Fast forward past the Battle of Endor. Thanatos has been hiding out on some Outerrim world for quite some time now. Bounties were placed on his head shortly after the incident on [insert planet name]. Questions have been burning in Thanatos' head all this time. Why has the Empire betrayed him. After learning about how the Empire is losing territory fast, he decides to find some answers. And there's only one place he'll find those answers; Coruscant. But when he arrives at Coruscant, he discovers an helpful yet dangerous circumstance: the Alliance is attempting to retake Coruscant. The Imperials are in a fighting evacuation. But his target(the Imperial Datavault) is still heavily guarded by the Imperials.

Thanatos lands at a civilian landing pad. He fights his way through the streets/levels of the Imperial City, encountering both Imperial and Rebel troops. Finally, he arrives at the Datavault building. After fighting through the structure, he is able to gain access to the mainframes. However, to his dismay, most of the records have been deleted already. All he manages to find is part of a message from Palpatine to Vader ordering him to have Thanatos eliminated. But why?

When Thanatos returns to his ship, he notices that he has recieved a heavily encoded message from an anonymous source. All the message contains is a set of coordinates. With only this set of numbers, Thanatos sets off in search of the answer to this mystery surrounding him.

01-23-2003, 11:38 PM
Originally posted by Mister_Sinister
First off, let me say there aren't any levels being built yet, so if you're expecting screenshots, hit the back button.

Let me be the first to tell you - since this is the Mapping Showcase, this thread is either going to be moved or closed. The idea sounds good, but don't create a thread in the Showcase forums until you've got something to... well, showcase.