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01-24-2003, 05:16 AM
Please read and if you can help out in anyway please let him, know, this isnt me doing it, im just advertising it for him

Waiting for Galaxies Im student filmmaker, this quarter I am enrolled in a documentary filmmaking class. In this class we need to complete a short documentary by the end of quarter.
Id like to make one on the fans waiting for SWG to go gold. Anyone who helps will receive a full copy of the student documentary when it's finished. I will not be selling these at all.
This is strictly for a grade in school. I will mail a copy of the finished piece to anyone who helps out by sending me a videotape with the following questions answered on it please try to answer in full sentences as if holding a conversation rather than just single yes/no answers.
How long have you been waiting for this game?
How did you find out about it?
What are you most looking forward to?
What is an online world/massive online game/roleplaying game?
How many online worlds have you played in?
How long have you played computer games?
How much time a week do you spend playing?
Would you consider yourself a hardcore gamer?
What other types of games do you play?
How often do you read/post on the SWG boards?
What has been the most disappointing news so far? Why?
What will be the single best thing about this game when released?
Have your feelings about the wait changed? Is there a defined community?
Can one exist without face to face contact?
Do you consider yourself a part of a community?
Do you have favorite posters?
Others you wish might go away?
How well do you think moderators and developers have done to create an atmosphere of community?
Is there anything you would change about the message boards?
How long have you been a Star Wars fan?
What makes someone a Star Wars fan?
Do you think the game, as it is proposed now, captures the essence of Star Wars?
What are your biggest fears for the game?
Please add any other comments you would like to make about the games development and your wait for its release. The bulk of people who see this (my teachers and fellow classmates) will have little idea about many of the more silly looking questions posed.

Also I would be willing to come videotape anyone who lives in the Seattle (my location), Portland, or Vancouver BC area. If anyone would like to help please send me an email with the word Documentary in the title, to feeble_man@hotmail.com I will reply back with the address to mail your copy to me or arrange for a time where I can go film you. Thanks to all willing to contribute