View Full Version : Could this be a sign????

10-06-1999, 04:21 PM
Hey! I just heard that Indy3d for Playstation will NOT come out. Now, this could possibly mean two things. A: LA has been waiting to convert Indy3d for PC over to PSX and that is the reason for delay and LA just said "This is too much. Let's forget it. OR B: LA is having trouble making Indy work for PSX and is dropping it, or moving it to another system (Dreamcast????) I could understand that one, because my computer is going to have a hard time doing Indy and it's faster than a Playstation. Anyways, I hope this means movement in the porgress of Indy3d for PC and hopefully, an earlier release date.

10-06-1999, 05:23 PM
At least they will put the PC version on stores sometime.I DONT WANT TO WAIT ANOTHER YEAR FOR JUST TO RELESE IT FOR DREAMCAST AND THE PC VERSION AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10-06-1999, 06:59 PM
Its nice to see some new updates. http://www.indyjones.net/forums/smile.gif