View Full Version : SHOCKING STORY and REAL PIC of RpTheHotrod Trying to KILL me!!

01-28-2003, 04:48 AM
Hey Guys ,
I have something really weird I would like to share with you ,that I saw yesterday and I know ya’ll will get a kick out of it .

Ok , I live about 10 min from RpTheHotrods house. So I was out and about yesterday and I thought I would stop by and say hi and maybe see if he wanted to get a bite to eat .I also just got a new digital camera so I thought I would go over and show it off .

So I go up to his house, and knocked loudly on the front door. I heard his voice over the TV as he said “Come in Daneil” .I thought to myself ,”Who is Daniel”as I reached for the handle to open the door .As I opened it I could see Richard Simons playing on the TV set .As I opened it further my mouth totally dropped in astonishment at what I saw .

There in the middle if the living was RpTheHotrod . He had a dazed look on his face with a psychotic smile .His face was deathly pale and was dripping with blood .He wore a woman’s pink ,flower shower cap on his head ,a leather jacket with a sport bra with what appeared to be two green tennis balls lodged underneath ,a green grass mini skirt with, thin brown and orange checkered golf socks with extremely teased leg hair .He also had two cheer leader palm palms in each hand .
There he danced in the middle of the room doing something that appeared to be a combination of the Charleston ,disco ,and the hokie pokie with a few pelvis thrust here and there .He kept saying “I am SEXY “

I just stood there for a few seconds not knowing what to do .I was about to turn around and run ,but then I remembered that I had my digital camera with me and a smile came across my face .I quickly got the camera out of the camera bag and pushed the small power button .

Then ,at that moment ,RpTheHotrod suddenly noticed that I was there .He immediately threw off the flowery shower cap and picked up an deadly blunt object off the leather chair ,and charged straight for me . Panicking ,I quickly started running backwards .As I was running I slipped on the remote which was lying on the floor and I felt my feet slip out from underneath me ,and I landed flat on my back .As soon as I hit the ground ,RpTheHotrod begin wildly swinging at me with the deadly blunt object . I franticly rolled out of the way and grabbed my camera .Still on my back I quickly shot a pictures of him as he was nearly on top of my with the deadly object just inches away from my face .RpTheHotrod ,momentarily stunned by the brightness of the flash ,let out a cry and staggered backwards . I then assumed the role of the nut cracker as I and administrated a swift quick in-between the legs and made a run for it .

I have made several attempts to contact him by phone but have failed .Although reluctant , I will probably go over there tomorrow and see how he is ,since doesn’t have work that day .Oh ,I will bring my digital camera so I may be back with more pics if something weird is going on again .

*Click below to see the picture I got of him as he nearly killed me .*


01-28-2003, 05:28 AM
Uh yeah...ok. RpTheHotRod is a whining crybaby but damn dude does he really warrant this? That pic is hella ghey too.

Reborn Outcast
01-28-2003, 06:50 AM
Hey you already posted this in the off topic forums... keep it there.