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Greetings. I couldn't think of a better way to start posting than to offer some information. Good to be on board for what is easily one of the most anticipated titles of the year.
This is acutally a response to another thread "Who do you think Darth Malaak is?". However, I thought it prudent to start a new one since this can take a life of its own.

All information is from existing sources from all pertanant star wars media. This particular time line is provided by TheForce.net

c. 24,500 BSW4 (before star wars 4) - 24,400 BSW4

After hundreds of years of study, the Jedi Order are making headway in understanding - and more importantly, learing how to use - the Force. They discover that ability to see into future events, to affect people's minds, even how to heal injuries without the use of surgery or medicine. Sadly, some begin to use this power for evil and selfish purposes, and traditions rise about a "Dark Side" of the Force that encourages and even lures the unwary Jedi to commit heinous acts.
"SW RPG II: Power of the Jedi Sourcebook" [Page 6]

The first great schism between the Jedi takes place, a schism between the Forces of Light and Darkness. A single rogue Jedi, Xendor, first fell to the dark side. Using manipulation, the rogue turned many more Jedi to the dark side, creating an army. After amassing a fleet of spacecrafts, the "dark" Jedi declared war on the Jedi Order. The conflict swept through the galaxy, consuming countless worlds, and lives.
"Tales of the Jedi: Golden Age of the Sith" Date conjectured within this comic book series.

The Sith people retained a harmonious social structure until now, with the arrival of a single fallen Jedi, who took particular interest in their techniques for drawing power from the dark side. This dark Jedi proclaimed himself the Dark Lord of the Sith, making him the first in a lineage that would plague the rest of the galaxy for untold millennia. The Sith developed and perfected the techniques of calling the dark side, enabling them to create more and more complex powers once thought well beyond the grasp of more sentients. The Sith simultaneously feed on and empower the dark side in a symbiotic relationship whose ties can never be severed. This dark jedi would continue to pervert Sith culture until his lineage is joined by hundreds of fallen Jedi during the Great Schism, which concludes in the total subjugation of the Sith species.
"SW RPG: Tales of the Jedi Companion." [Page 79]

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c. 24.400 BSW4

After a century of battle, the Dark Jedi were exiled and eventually took over the Sith civilisation, built it into an empire, and brought about the so-called "Golden Age of the Sith." In time, the Republic grew complacent and believed that the dark side had been defeated. Amoung the many Jedi literature and traditions of this period is the prophecy of the one will bring "balance to the Force" and heal the schism. During this time, the fallen Jedi also begin experimenting on their subjects, converting many Sith into deadly Massassi warriors.

"... And in the time of greatest despair there shall come a saviour, and he shall be known as" The Son of the Suns."
Journal of the Whills, 3:127
"Tales of the Jedi" Golden Age of the Sith" and "Secrets of the Sith."

c. 11,500 BSW4

A Sith Holocrom is created. In time, it will fall into the hands Odan-Urr.
"Tales of the Jedi: The Sith War." Urr said it contained knowledge "dating back a hundred thousand years and more."

c. 7,000 BSW4

The Sith lore library of Veeshas Tuwan on Arkania is opened. It serves as both one of the few Imperial records halls and as respository for Sith lore. The great library covers more than five square kilometer, and bore down into the planet's surface for countless levels. In sealed chambers Sith sorcerers conduct Dark Side experiments and transcribe Sith rituals for their own use. For the next several thousand years the library grows in both knowledge and physical size, eventually becoming too large for even the most experienced Sith Lords to easily locate the information they seek.
"SW RPG Tales of the Jedi Companion" [Page 131]

c 6,000 BSW4

After millennia of conquest, subjugating as many neighbouring worlds as possible (whilst carefully avoiding Republic worlds), the Sith Empire reaches the apex of its territory and power. With no more enemies to battle, the Sith Lords inevitably begin fighting each other. For the next millennium, the Sith will drive themselves and their empire to the brink of self-destruction.
"SW RPG II: Dark Side Sourcebook" [Page 69]

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c. 5,200 BSW4

The Sith Lords Marka Ragnos and Simus fight for the control of the Sith Empire; a conflict that is decided when Ragnos decapitates Simus. Simus manages to cheat death via Sith magic and is kept alive inside a jar.
"Tales of the Jedi: Golden Age of the Sith"

c. 5,100 BSW4

A hundred years after his victory over Simus, Marka Rgnos is declared Dark Lord of the Sith, beginning a century of iron rule. He only allows limited expansion of the Sith Empire, knowing full well the threat of the republic outside the Empire's borders. Furious fellow Sith attempt to dethrone him, and Ragnos shrewdly lets the Sith attempt to deal with him. As long as they're concerned with him, they aren't concerned with expansion.
"Tales of the Jedi: Golden Age of the Sith" and "SW RPG II: Dark Side Sourcebook" [Page 69-70]

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5,000 BSW4 - The Great Hyperspace War

A young Jedi scholar named Odan-Urr is sent to the Koros system to help Empress teta conquer Kirrek, the last of the seven worlds of her system. Hok and Timar Daragon of Cinnagar (two hyperspace explores) run relief supplies for the soldiers of kirrek, and are killed in a final battle that wins Teta the planet and the entire system, largely due to Urr's Jedi battle meditation.

Hok and Timar's children, Gav and Jori, pick up where their parents left off and take the Starbreaker 12 to further explore the galaxy. A few months later, they are not faring very well financially, up their eyeballs in debt to Aarrba the Hutt - and worse still; a Cha'a cargo ship is destroyed using one of their routes. When merchant lord Ssk Kahorr learns of this incident he manages to stop a bonus form the Navigator's Guild and sends bounty hunters for them, the Daragons have to escape.

Stealing the impounded Starbreaker from Aarrba's repair shop and making a random hyperjump, they arrive on the planet Korriban, right in the middle of the funeral of Marka Ragnos, Dark Lord of the Sith.

A power struggle is under way between Ragnos' two pupils, the complacent Ludo Kressh, and the impulsive Naga Sadow. Ragnos' spirit halts a battle between them, urging them to "choose your course wisely... fight the correct battle... or all is lost." On Cinnagar, Teta vows to arrest the Daragons if they return even as Urr receives a premonition of the dark times to come. The Daragons arrive at Korriban and are immediately taken captive. Sadow sees in the Daragons a door to the Republic, and conquest. He saves them form certain execution at Ziost fortress, murders his old ally Simus, takes the two in at his fortress at Khar Shian and declares himself Dark Lord of the Sith. He made the escape look like a Republic raid, and he calls for war.

On Coruscant, Teta and Urr inform the Senate of the danger, but the Senate does not take the threat seriously.

Sadow begins teaching Gav Sith magic, as well as plotting the downfall of Ludo Kressh, who himself vows to kill Sadow before he ruins the Sith Empire. A final battle ends in the wipe out of Kressh (who manages to escape), and Sadow sees Jori out of the system in Starbreaker 12 - which unbeknownst to her, has a tracking device on it that will lead the Sith Empire right into the Republic...
Comic Book Miniseries - Tales of the Jedi: Golden Age of the Sith. written by Kevin J. Anderson, july 1996 - Februrary 1997

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Jori returns to Cinnagar, and is immediately arrested and charged with a long string of crimes. Her desperate warnings go unheard, let alone heeded. Everyone, even Aarrba, has turned against her. Jori is tried, convicted, and sent to the slave labor prison colony of Ronika all within a single day.

Meanwhile, Odan Urr's teacher, Master Ooroo, comes to vist. He tells Odan that while the Senate did not listen to his warnings, the Jedi did. In addition, Empress Teta has been building up her army in preparation for the assult.

Ludo Kressh tries one last time to warn the Sith of Sadow's plans, but Sadow orders Gav t block the transmission - then watches Gav's shocked face as he in fact blows up kressh's ship. Gathering his fleet at Khar Shian, Sadow appoints a reluctant Gav commander of his fleet, and orders the Great Hyperspace war into being...

Jori escapes from Ronika in an ore ship, risking her life against the Cinnagar fleet to reach Empress Teta's palace and finally getting the waring to her. The Sith fleet arrives in Republic Space. They rush upon a completely unprepared Coruscant, and every other major point in the Republic, as Sadow uses Sith illusion to make the fleet look much larger than it truly is, and starts firing drop ships of Massassi warriors and giant beasts upon the planets. Teta launches her fleet to meet the challenge as Urr works at Kirrek with the now pardoned and released rebels to repel the invasion.

Gav travels down to Cinnagar to find Jori and is helpless to stop his Sith guards form disemboweling Aarrba. Jori arrives just in time to see Gav over the Hutt's corpse, and jumps t the wrong conclusion. Wielding a lightsaber given to her by Urr, she attacks her brother. Gav escapes with Jori in pursuit. Gav rushes t Sadow's base at Primus Goluud, now fully realising how Sadow has used him and determined to stop him. With Sadow thus distracted, the Jedi find it easier to see through the illusion and drive the Sith off Courscant. The heroes win at Kirrek as well, even with the great Jedi Master Ooroo's death.

Sadow challenges Gav to face him directly - and then quietly abandons his base. Gav enters the base just as Emperss Teta's fleet (who followed him) arrives. He informes Jori that the entire Sith Empire is completely unprotected. Sadow retaliates by dedonating the supergiant Primus Goluud into a supernova, killing Gav before his sister's eyes. Teta's fleet just barely escapes the death trap. The shattered remains of the Sith fleet return to the Empire, only to find Ludo Kressh securely in place as Dark Lord of the Sith. He exiles Sadow from the empire forever. Sadow replies by crashing a ship into Kressh's flagship.

The Republic fleet (led by a vengeful Empress Teta and Jori) arrive, hellbent on finishing the Sith Empire for good. Sadow flees, putting all the other Sith between him and the Republic fleet. He uses the Denarii nova, detonating it to wipe out most of the Republic fleet and make good his escape. The Republic celebrates its victory. Odan Urr studies the Sith's abandoned ships, and discovers a Sith Holocron. He decides to establish a Jedi learing center on Ossus, the quiet world where Master Ooroo trained him.

Naga Sadow and his Massassi warriors arrive on the quiet jungle moon of Yavin IV. He decides to establish a base there, and begins building great temples. He intends to restore the glory of the Sith, "no matter how long it takes."
Comic Book Miniseries - Tales of the Jedi: The Fall of the Sith Empire. Written by Kevin J. Anderson - June - October 1997

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c. 5,000 BSW4

The Veeshas Tuwan Sith Library on Arkania is attacked and destroyed by several hundred Jedi Masters.
"SW RPG Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook" [Page 131]

The Sith Empire crumbled, and victorious Republic observers could be forgiven for the rosy optimism that ensured. For new star systems were explored, and new species were discovered and taken into the fold as the galatic government learned better ways to rule over the diverse cultures and across vast distances. Centuries passed. No further contact occurred involving the dark leader of the remnants of the Sith, but the evil influence returned in a different and more insidious form than before - a cancer form within.
Excerpted form "SW: The Essential Chronology" [Page 7]

c. 4,470 BSW4

Freedon Nadd, a Jedi apprentice of unequalled enthusiasm and dedication, approaches what he believes to be the end of his apprenticeship and promotion to Jedi Knight. However, when the time comes, the Jedi Masters refuse to grant him the title. Stunned at this contradictory action, he seeks the advice of Master Matta Tremayne, who tell him "some things you must find in yourself." She will not tell him what is keeping him from knighthood. Enraged, he murders Tremayne, steals a ship, and flies toward the worlds of the former Sith Empire.
"Tales of the Jedi Rpg Companion" [Page 69-70]

c. 4,465 BSW4

After several years of searching, Freedon Nadd comes upon the forth moon of Yavin where Naga Sadow established his base centuries before. He briefly battles the Massassi, which by this point have degenerated into savages - but his vicious ways with the Force awakens memories within them. They bring him to the ancient temples where he finds and revives Naga Sadow from his cryogenic slumber. Sadow spends the rest of his natural life training Nadd in the ways of the ancient Sith.
"SW: The Essentril Chronology"

c. 4,450 BSW4

The Dark Lord of the Sith Freedon Nadd comes to a primitive world called Onderon, on the then outer edges of the Republic. He subjugates and rules over the planet, bringing to the walled civilisation of Iziz the dark power of the Sith. He institues a policy of banishing criminals (those who would not worship him) out into the letha jungles of Onderon to die. The policy backfires, however, as the exiles learn how to survive in the jungles, and how to tame the planet's vicious flying beasts...
"Tales of the Jedi RPG Companion" [Page 72] and "SW: The Essential Chronology" [Page 8]

4,398 BSW4

Freedon Nadd dies on Onderon
"SW: The Essential Chronology"

MORE TO FOLLOW. Right now I need to rest my fingers.

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Interesting piece of work, GothicSith...

Of course, one could also go to this link (http://www.starwarz.com/timeline/home.html) and download the timeline there for an excellent summary about those times :D

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I kind of figured that it would be easier on me to just post a link but I thought I would save you guys the trouble. Also , since the timelines would be filled with other information not pertaining to the Sith I just thought I would only write down the Sith history leading us up to the time around the events from the game. So just bear with me I'm almost there. Just a little tid bits leading up to the big Sith War. After its all done one will notice that the events in KOTOR is approximately right after the Sith War. So I'm very intigued on how Bioware and Lucasfilm incorporated the story into the timeline. Very interesting.

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3,998 BSW4

A seeningly minor local conflict on Onderon explodes into the prelude to an even bloodier confict...

During a Sith Ritual, Queen Amanoa of Onderon is vistied by the ghost of the ancient Sith Lord Freedon Nadd. He warns her that if the ongoing battle between Iziz and the Beast Riders ("criminal" outcasts from Iziz) continues, she will be destroyed. In a panic (and comnpletely missing Nadd's hint that she should redovote herself to dark side studies), Amanoa calls upon the Jedi Knights to help bring the war on her world to an end...
"Tales of the Jedi RPG Companion" [Page 68]

On the planet Arcadia, Master Arca Jeth sends his three students - the impulsive Ulic Qel-Droma, his younger brother Cay, and the Twi'lek Tott Doneeta - to the planet Onderon, which has asked fot the Republic's help in repelling the attack of the newly armed Beast Lords.

Scarcely have they landed when Beast Lord's attack, carrying away Princess Galia. Tott and Cay are reluctant to continue - there is somethink wrong here with the people of Iziz - but a headstrong Ulic will not listen. A rescue mission turns much more serious when their ship is shot down. They tame the local Boma beasts and make their way to the Beast Lord's headquarters - where they learn Galia wnat to marry Oron Kira, youngest head of the Beast Lords. When they try to negotiate a peace traety on that basis, they learn first hand how the Dark Side has taken control of Iziz, the one walled city on Onderon.

A battle ensues between Beast Lords and the city of Iziz, where Cay has his arm chopped off, and the Jedi are nearly overcome by Queen Amanoa's Dark Side powers. Only the last minute intervention of Arca saves the Beast Lords, who wrest control from the city dwellers.

Amanoa dies when Arca exposes her to the power of the Light Sice, and Oron and Galia are married and become King and Queen of Onderon. Meanwhile, on H'ratth, Andur Sunrider takes his wife Nomi and daughter Vima on a trip to the planet Stenness, to deliver a cargo of Adegan crystals (lightsaber components) to Master Thon. However, the cargo attracts the attention of gangster Bogga the Hutt, who has Andur killed at the Stenness spaceport before Nomi's eyes. Andur'f ghost appears and urges her to take up his lightsaber - which dhe does, killing her attackers. Nomi escapes to the desolate world of Ambria, to meet with Master Thon. Bogga follows her and attacks Thon's home, only to be repelled by Thon and his student Oss Wilum. After being allowed time to grieve, Nomi is gradually trained by Thon, but here is a problem - she will not pick up a lightsaber again, for any reason. But when Bogga jumps Nomi, Vima, and Thon at a mountain rest stop, and a frustrated Thon surrenders to Bogga without a fight, Nomi finds she no longer has a choice, and uses Thon's own lightsaber to tear the pirate gang apart.
Comic Book Miniseries - Tales of the Jedi: Knights of the Old Republic. Written by Tom Veitch, October 1993 - February 1994

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Since this doesn't deal directly with Knights, I'm moving it to the Atho Canitina.....

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Well then in that case the link is provided by Burre. and since you are not a fan of back to back post I will not post any longer on the subject. although I was just about to finish. Sorry about that:(

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Why didn't you post it all in one post? Is there a post limit?

And Darth Malak is whoever the heck Bioware wants him to be- it either fits in with Star Wars or the find a clever way to make him fit in.

Lord Glorfindel
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Thanks for the Timeline, I didn't know any of that info, thanks again

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Originally posted by Aerothorn
Why didn't you post it all in one post? Is there a post limit?
It would have been to big to write it all in one post.

And Darth Malak is whoever the heck Bioware wants him to be- it either fits in with Star Wars or the find a clever way to make him fit in.

Of course Bioware wants Malaak to be whoever they want him to be but its up to Lucasfilm to make him fit into the Star Wars Universe.

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well, not lucasfilm, that only deals with the movies, and i doubt they will make a movie about it there, they need to fit it into the EU books and stuff

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Actually, I'm not sure WHAT to call Lucasfilm these days... they've announced that they're going to merge all these different (Lucasfilm, Lucasarts, Lucas Learning, etc) companies together, didn't they?

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Originally posted by Enjoi9187
well, not lucasfilm, that only deals with the movies, and i doubt they will make a movie about it there, they need to fit it into the EU books and stuff
When creating anything related to Star Wars it must first be approved by Lucasfilm, which is what I was refering to. Then I believe there is a division within Lucasfilm (Lucas License, I think) that hanldles all the chronology struff.

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Originally posted by Burrie
Actually, I'm not sure WHAT to call Lucasfilm these days... they've announced that they're going to merge all these different (Lucasfilm, Lucasarts, Lucas Learning, etc) companies together, didn't they?
That they did. From my understanding its all just called Lucasfilm, ltd. now.

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Then why is it still at www.lucasarts.com? Lucasarts was a better name anyway. I hate this shcool keyboard you cna't type with it its all sticky.

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Originally posted by Aerothorn
Then why is it still at www.lucasarts.com? Lucasarts was a better name anyway. I hate this shcool keyboard you cna't type with it its all sticky.
You got me there. But I assume that when all the "t's" are crossed and the "I's" dotted then you might see the name change. Or they still may retain their respective names. Because the "games divison at Lucasfilm" will sound so generic.

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Burrie is right, we had better get used to calling it LucasFilm. LucasArt's will be merging into that very soon. :)

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It will be interesting to see if there will be any major changes after the merger is completed...:confused:

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Mmm interesting thankyou.

Umm I downloaded the timeline (WOW some people have too much time on their hands!) but can't find that bit...
Is what you posted your own summary of it or what?