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01-29-2003, 06:42 PM
Hi again,

Thanks for the suggestions but obviously I am in dummy mode - LOL! I am pretty new to games and have only played Heretic on a friend's computer. After I bought it I couldn't load it (a DOS game) on my ME computer:( . That's why I want to make sure the demo works while I try to find the whole game. All the stores here don't carry it anymore. This game seems to be really different - I like the look and sound of it. But clearly, I am not with the program. It seems I don't know all the controls as I know of only the ones mentioned in F1.

Some suggestions mentioned changing the dialog and getting Manny to have a conversation with the balloon maker. Tried everything I knew but he only would say the balloonmaking was creative. Manny would also not pick up stuff except for the bread (which, btw, I tried to unsuccessfully have him use as a weight for the rope. Guess it was a nice buttered garlic bread and Manny figured it was too slippery ;).) I tried to jump and climb but didn't know how. And I ran at the pigeons but they didn't seem all that scared of me. Are there keyboard controls for dialogue, jumping, climbing, using stuff (like tying something to that rope?)

Thanks for the help again. Glad I found this place. And hope I can get past the first 3 minutes of the demo - LOL!
dancingdead :)

01-29-2003, 08:37 PM
As for getting the balloons (which will come in handy once you get onto the roof), you need to speak to the balloon seller. I can't check, but I think you're hitting the wrong key and 'looking' at him. You need to 'use' him (I think) to speak to him.

Another possibility is that Manny is looking at the wrong thing. He has an annoying habit of doing that, which is a bit of flaw of the Grim Fandango itnerface. If you turn him slightly and his head moves, it's a sign that he's looking at two different things.

Once you've kicked off the conversation, it isn't too hard to get some balloons out of the guy. :)

As for the weight for the rope, I'll be more specific: have a look at the desk drawer in the empty office. Again, you may need to 'use' it to open it, as opposed to simply 'looking' at it.

Good luck!

01-29-2003, 11:39 PM
Hey Huz,

You're a genius! Thanks for the lifeline. Too much work tonite to play for long but I did get to talk to Eva and the ballon maker (not sure yet how I triggered the dialogue selections but I did it twice so so far so good) and loaded up on balloons (Robert Frost balloons??!@#$? LMAO) Some of the dialogue is hysterical. I managed to finally get into the empty office too but I hit enter obviously at the wrong time and the game closed. Can't wait to play again tomorrow. I hope I can find this game some where to buy it. Any other game playing tips are welcomed :). Need work on my control finger-work - LOL.

Thanks again,