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Hamster Idol
11-15-1999, 06:14 PM
I was EB today and I saw it on the shelves. Couldn't buy it though... pre-ordered already. The price was 44.95.

This isn't a joke... swear.

11-15-1999, 06:20 PM
Man, are you LUCKY. It won't be out in my area until Friday.

Rest assured I'll get it the moment I see it.

11-15-1999, 06:40 PM
hmm, out?

Hamster Idol
11-15-1999, 07:04 PM
Yeah, it's out. In New York at least.

11-15-1999, 07:21 PM
If you're looking for it, the best place is Wal-Mart. For some reason LucasArts seems to deal first to Wal-Mart before the BestBuy's and CompUSA's.

11-15-1999, 08:09 PM
I just checked the Electronics Boutique web site where I had a copy of Indy resevered and it says it has shipped. Now we're talkin http://www.indyjones.net/forums/smile.gif


11-15-1999, 08:45 PM
I was just at my local Best Buy and they didn't have it. I'll check again sometime this week.


11-17-1999, 11:33 PM
I can't get it this weekend but I'll surely get it Monday and I'll also buy Gabriel Knight 3 Blood of the Sacred Blood of the Damned

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11-18-1999, 08:36 AM
Got it yesterday, and am on level 4 (and stuck) Dang ice creatures.

11-18-1999, 01:57 PM
I got it yesterday, I`am on level three, when they called a adventure game they were not kidding. The game is great!

Hamster Idol
11-18-1999, 05:01 PM
I'm ready to go postal. I preordered it and I didn't get it yet. I was the first one to see it, the last one to get it. Some cruel irony, no?

Hamster Idol
11-19-1999, 05:33 PM
Finally got it! Yeah!