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tango fett
01-31-2003, 11:26 PM
i am reqesting akira models if you hvent read or seen akira you can buy one of the books for 20$ each (9 of them) or get the movie somewere (try sam goody) the basic plot is ''1988 tokyo then there is a domed explosion destroying the city 2018 31 years after world war 3 neo tokyo then you first meet the main chartures kaneda tetsuo yama ect. you keep hearing about some one called akira (akira is a little boy who has tremendous pyskic /telekeinetic/pycokeinetic powers large enough to be mistaken as some new weaopon of mass destruction) tetsuo has an accedent with some wrinkeled kid with no.28 on his hand(he is a test subject like akira but wrinkled old like 40 because the tests were started on him in the 80's akiras number is .25 ther are 2 others masaru and this little girl i forgot her name and tetsuo who looks the same as he did before hes no. 40 somthing his power grows at an amazing rate rivaling all but akira he ecapes the military hospital gos to the hauikira bar(an illegal bar) asks for ''capsule man how bout it?'' (drugs) beliving it will jump start his power and cease his pain without the wrinkling side effects he was wrong he kills yama and goes crazy mean while the military is trying to stop him from getting to the olimpic constrution site the location of akira he gets there deflecting lasers and stoping a tank shell dead in its tracks and finds akira or whats left of him a couple of jars with things in them all of a sudden kaneda and him fight then there is a blue haze in the air and bam a HUGE lazer blast hits the groud next to him but misses another round is fired off his arm goes hes freaked out at first but he fourmulates a new bio mechanical one from his soroundings flies up into space destroys a huge sattlelight called S.O.L space operated laser defense system he goes into the un finesed olimpic arena in great pain later his power suppresed by the drugs breaks free at a cellular leval extreamly fast mutateing himm horribly thats all im going to tell you remember this is off the top of my head but for you modders out there this would be a fun thing to do with many developments you can make to it so many the manga is over 1000 pages long i suggest to all of you to go and read it or watch it

tango fett
01-31-2003, 11:28 PM
oh yes the story is by kausiro otomo(probly spelled it wrong) and forgive me of my horrible writing and spelling abilities