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11-17-1999, 01:24 AM
If any of you would like help with the game I am willing to give you hints if you are stuck. I will not tell you how to get somewhere or do somthing.

11-17-1999, 02:16 PM
ok, heres one for you:If someone could help me out here, I would appreciate it. The problem is that I am in the second level.
I have placed all the "ruin puzzle" pieces in the correct spots in the map room. I have placed the machine part in the machine. I see the map. How the hell do I get out of here now? The Indy Hint is telling me to go right outside of the map room, but nothing is there except a gold button on the wall. I can't press it at all though.

Thanks in advance,

11-17-1999, 02:28 PM
nevermind, I figured it out.


11-18-1999, 12:03 AM
I need help defeating the ice guardian.....i hav ethe piece of the machine but im stuck

11-18-1999, 12:29 AM
Try running up to the ice guardian and ising the machine peice.

11-20-1999, 07:34 PM
Oh my: in STARTing the game at Canyonlands, I can get to the chasm, but can't jump it. I can't climb the slippery slope to the tent. I'm stuck at the START of this game. Ideas?