View Full Version : Mandalorian SP mod

02-01-2003, 11:40 PM
If anyone's played Bounty Hunter, or is just a Star Wars fanatic, they know the story of the Mandalorians, the army of soldiers killed off by the Jedi. The army was commanded by Jango Fett, who remained the only survivor (minus Montross) after the army was wiped out. So, imagine an SP mod, using...say the Mandalorian map for MP, (its on JKfiles.com), with all the good guys dressed as Mandalorians (with different colors, red, green, orange, black, grey, not blue though, that's Jango's) and the player uses the Jango skin. Fighting the Mandalorians is a bunch of Jedi, who would have to be at about level one force powers so the Mandalorians don't get wiped out too fast. The story can start with Jango taking the survivors of the initial massacre (on some planet, its the real story) and returning to the Mandalorian base, only to have a few dozen Jedi follow. Your objective as Jango would be to fight off the jedi, and if scripters could accomplish a few more complex things lets say something like activating defense shields or something. The level would end when either all Mandalorians are dead or when the Jedi are. What do you think?