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Shaggiana Joe
11-19-1999, 07:08 PM
3 Days ago, I recieved my copy of the Infernal Machine, signed by Hal Barwood (sorta) and Y2K calendar inside.

A week prior to this, I thought it would be a crap game, just judging from the demo. I mean, the jeep was kinda cool, but I saw it in TR2. And the lava pit in the demo was awesome... but it's the same ol' jump from block to block thing as almost every other action/adventure game in the 3D world. I was glad to see Indy took the rolling boulder thing back from Lara, but other than that, the demo was horrible. The controls aren't a problem, I got used to them. The atmosphere was blocky, the AI couldn't touch Goldeneye and the puzzles just weren't as challenging as the 2 former Indy games (Last Crusade and Fate of Atlantis).

But now, I see the light.

I am a DEDICATED Indiana Jones fan, and I don't want to see anything go bad with the character. Watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in the movie theatre is my first sentient memory when I was 4, and I've decided to become an anthropaleontologist because of the character. So I was kinda depressed after I got through the demo.

The game's AI is beautiful with the patch, the atmospheres really don't matter, there's no fog like the N64, the voice acting is MUCH better than anything on the PSX and the storyline blows away anything that I've ever seen, even Final Fantasy VII. And oh yeah, IT'S FRIGGIN' INDIANA JONES! There's no silicon CGI in his chest, thank god.

Hal Barwood knows what he's talking about and anyone who says otherwise should be promptly hit with a large, heavy, blunt stick.

However, now I'm stuck. If anyone else has the game, will you please send me a walkthru for the Shambala level? Send it to Shagsworth@hotmail.com or just post it up here for the rest of the Infernal Indy people to see. It'd be MUCH appreciated. Thanks.


11-23-1999, 07:00 AM
Walkthrough for Shambala:

Fix the clock, ring the bell, get the golden treasure, and kill the chilly toad.

"I miss anything?"

P.S. Compared to the Pulawan Volcano stuff, Shambala was a freaking vacation. I almost miss the raft trip, too...