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02-02-2003, 02:04 PM
I've seen several mods where the animation for your characters moves has been changed including the stances. I would REALLY love to learn how to do this because there are a few things I would really like to change with the stances and such. However Im extremely illiterate when it comes to the changeing of the animations. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I would go about doing this in the most simplest way? What I want is actually not too advanced but it would really make my gameing experience a whole heck of alot better.

(just to list the changes I'd like to make)

All stances do the backstab
Yellow and blue stance holds the saber like Red stance
Yellow stance would be faster
Red Stances would be faster
Roll would be hand flip
Jumping would look more like a "force" jump then the knee bending one we get.

Any idea on how to do this and I would be forever in your debt.


02-06-2003, 03:25 AM
Well first off, there currently is no way to add or edit animations for JO -which is really sad. I have NO idea why they haven't released the code for this.

I haven't messed with the animation files myself, but I've played around with sound files and others -my guess is animations work the same way.

One way to change things is to find the directory path to the actuall file you want to change. Then create a .pk file (which is just a .zip file with .pk as it's extension), that contains the new file you want to use and place it in your base directory like you would for most mods. The important thing to remember is that the new file in the .pk MUST have the same directory path as the file you want to replace -that's the tricky part, and can be a little confusing if your new.

This will be helpful for you ESPECIALLY if you're new to this:

The best way to learn isn't necessarily through tutorials that others have written. The best way to learn is usually through 'reverse engineering' other people's work. You take apart what they've done and see how they did it. Then you tinker with it and see what happens.

Try this:
Download a .pk file that you know has new sounds.

Unzip(extract) the entire .pk file to your C: drive.

(IMPORTANT) It SHOULD create all of the needed directory paths.

Now open up the folder containing the sounds, and try replacing one of sounds (example, rename 'taunt' to 'pain100')

Now drop that folder back into the .pk file, and place it in your base directory.

You should find that when the 'pain100' sound would normaly play, you now be hearing the 'taunt' sound.

Make sense?

You should be able to do the exact same thing with animations. All you need to know is what file you want changed.

This won't address EVERYTHING you asked about. But, it should give you a better understanding of how things work so you can figure out how to do what you are trying to do.