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02-02-2003, 08:35 PM
I'm putting together a hilt pack (among a ton of other things) for the next version of Duelers mod. We're expecting the next version of Duelers to really generate some public appeal, the current one that is out now is a very good mod, but the next one will be better not only mod-wise, but a few other ways as well.

Anyways, I am looking for a hilt maker to do some reverse grip hilts for the hilt pack. All I want is some of the existing hilts to be reversed. The hilts that would be a must would be Desann, Luke, Kyle, Reborn, & Nemesis. I think the Maul, PSDooku, & any other highly used hilts would be nice too, but they are not a must.

I'm only selecting decent looking hilts, any tie-dye colored hilts will be turned down on the spot. I want good looking hilts for this pack. No icons are necessary as I am going to make them myself anyways whether an icon is made for it or not.

If you have any other hilts that you would like to see everyone using, they can be added into the pack as well as long as they are at least decent looking & you don't want 20 of them added. We can negotiate that any way you like, but the bottom line is I want some reverse grip hilts because the +POO+ clan never finished theirs & I'm not adding that to the pack.

Lastly, if there are any current hilts out there that you think should be included let me know. I am already sorting through the "JK2 Saber Hilt Pack", the JediMod Hilt pack, & the OmniMod hilts.

Contact Info:
E-Mail & MSN IM: Marker0077@Hotmail.com (You need a *** in subject to get past filter)
ICQ UIN: 16442029
mIRC: #Cool-Mods on QuakeNet
Forums: Post here

02-04-2003, 12:31 AM
HEY i would make a hilt for you but just tell me what you want!!
i made saber hilts were the saber is upside down i made then so they have a bend etc... so just tell me what you want and i would be happy to do ths :D

02-07-2003, 02:41 PM
I tried emailing you & never got a response. I would have to send you the hilts that I need converted over & the hilts that I want reversed. If you are still interested e-mail me please because again, I tried emailing you. For the rest of you, here's more info about the mod...

Duelers Mod Project:
Duelers is a JediMod based mod, similar to JediPlus/OmniMod except gameplay is much smoother as well as fewer bugs. This is intended for the Duelers in JK2 community, but this is a really good mod for you FFA fans out there also.
As we all know the #1 reason why people do not play Duel mode is because we hate waiting. Waiting 10 minutes to play 2 is ridiculous; So Lee Oattes (coder) designed a new Duel mode, one that allows multiple duels at the same time.

Key features of the next version of Duelers:
* Multi-Duel Code: Allows multiple duels at the same time with a ladder type of play.
* Banning fixed: You can ban 1024 IPs.
* No Stat Wh0ring CVar: You can't change your name once your health drops below 80, this way you can't change your name right before you die to improve your statistics; Again, this is just a CVar (an option) only.
* Choosing a hilt in UI sets both right & left hilt rather than just right hilt.

Non-Mod Key Features of next version of Duelers:
* 2 Types of Installers: First one is a zip for Linux users. The second is an actual installer with a variety of options to choose from.
* Custom windows icons & folder icons.
* Winhelp file for a manual.
* Skin pack.
* A few different sound packs to choose from.
* Hilt pack: I handpicked these myself. No more lame hilts. Every single one of these hilts are at least decent looking. No more tie-dye hilt stuff. I am also doing the UI hilt icons myself to make everything look nicer. I also went through all the hilts on JKII.net & JK2Files.com & selected the best hilts I could find.

Current features of Duelers:
* Non-interferance code: When in a private duel you can only see & hear your opponent as if you & him/her were the only ones in the room (Note: This code is not perfect for non-saber weapons yet).
* Private Duel Glow CVar: You can remove the glow you & your opponent have when you are in a private duel.
* Optional Animations: You can cartwheel left/right & backflip instead of rolling (like in JediMoves).
* Duel Info on End CVar: Shows you the winners remaining health points & shields at the end of the duel.
* Jetpack CVars: Can have the Jetpack run off the shields & choose how much shields it takes per second.
* Saber does not automatically ignite on spawn.
* Tons of admin commands: freeze, thaw, silence, speak, bring, goto, tzone, real, boot, rename, etc; etc. Admin guns available for those commands as well.
* New Admin Password: You can type in the admin password & control the server instead of having to type in RCON every time you want to make a change.
* Tons & tons & tons of cleanup from older versions, stuff from Raven & JediMod to improve smoothness of gameplay.
* We are still adding stuff :D. If you think you have some good ideas, let us know.

Other features of Duelers:
* You can join spectate when you go away from keyboard (no more BRB or AFK in your name :D)
* Allot of the features from JediMod/JediPlus/OmniMod like multiple hilts, multiple taunts, various emotes, dual bladed sabers, dual sabers, jedi council rank, etc; etc.
* By default, the single saber uses the original 3 stances & duel sabers/dual bladed sabers use only the 2 new stances.

If anyone is interested in participating you can email me at Marker0077@Hotmail.com, please make sure you include a *** anywhere in the subject so your email will get past my email filter & into my inbox. Thanks for your time either way.