View Full Version : Monkey Island or Indy???

11-24-1999, 06:48 AM
The game was great the graphics is good, ( the character movement and jump is not good enogh). I didn't actully get the game I was waiting for a long time for my beloved character Indy. I wish they had made a game like monkey island.( 2D and pure adventure).

What do you think???

Hamster Idol
11-24-1999, 10:48 AM
At first, I'd agree with you, but there is no way to make a better 2D point-and-click than Fate of Atlantis, so I'm gald IJIM is something new. At least for Indy, that is.

It's a hamster stuck in an ice cube.

11-24-1999, 11:04 AM
Although I never played a Monkey Island game, I can say a 3D Indy is a good move. You truly get to do stuff that Indy does normally. Roll, raft, ride a mine cart, etc. Altough the whip should have been a faster weapon, it's other uses are pretty fun. Maybe a la Grim Fandango game could have worked but even then, the action side of Indiana Jones would be missing. Then again, if they release another Indy game with the old engine, I wouldn't complain (although the interface would be more like Full Throttle and the Dig I think).

11-24-1999, 03:51 PM
I love the 3D interface. Fate of Atlantis was one of the coolest games I played during the time. IJIM is unstoppable in 1999.


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