View Full Version : Olmec bug: dang rock just keeps on going...

11-26-1999, 08:38 AM
Just a heads-up on this bug: At the relative beginning of this level, in the roundish ascending tunnel where Indy steps on a floor stone and the Olmec face stone comes tumbling down the tunnel - I backflip twice and side flip once to get into that side cubby hole, the block roars past - and then - it keeps roaring and I can't move Indy.

I can still access my inventory and other options, but can't get any movement from Indy and the block continues making crashing sounds.

Can't even get my console for a FIXME command (that little bugger came in handy a couple times!)

11-26-1999, 09:50 AM
I had a similar bug, also if not at that time... later on I always heard the damn bridges close even when they where already closed...you might wanna try changing your sounddevice...might help

or use the patch...BUT that gives a new problem..later in alevel you have to catch the russian doc which was not possible any more AFTER I installed the patch

so decide for yourself....

"What is this? Sounds like steppin' on popcorn!"

11-26-1999, 01:27 PM
Thanks for the tips. I already installed the patch - I think back in level 6, so that's out. I will try the sound driver idea. Though I can't imagine why the stoopit thing would get hosed on level 10 when it could've done so any other time. I've also noticed that in the beginning of these levels (9, 10, ...) my video is really jumpy. Does it get worse as it goes along?! Sheesh.