View Full Version : We're not just playing the game, we're playing the software.

11-25-1999, 07:16 PM
I thought about this this morning:

We aren't just solving the puzzles and accomplishing the feats presented by the game, we're also solving the software problems and working around the kinks in the system the game is running on. And the Tech Support system.

A lot of us have spent almost as much time debugging our installations as playing some of these levels.

It'd be extremely hard to deliberately incorporate this paradigm into a game.

(I think there's one that makes you chase it around as it monkeys your files in a Windows Explorer sort of setup, but that's all it is, it's not a 3-D adventure game on the side).

Just thought I'd mention it. Happy bird-day to y'all. I gotta go whip some cream, pick up a drumstick, and pull a block of yams out of the way of the pumpkin pie (of Doom).


11-26-1999, 03:37 AM
I still haven't worked out my installation. (See topic "Not Running"). All my drivers are up to date on my computer, and I can find nothing wrong with my system. The game worked fine on another computer, but the first CD will not run on mine. I get the assert handler message and it quits. If anyone has solved this problem, please post the solution. Thanks.


11-26-1999, 08:16 PM
Gasp. That's just how clever LEC is.. Making the puzzles come closer and closer to reality.. Damn they're good. Now I better go to the strategy section about my bug problem.