View Full Version : more bugs

11-30-1999, 08:45 AM
Lava levels- the room that the floor floods with lava and you have to climb the ladders on the wall, I was over near the switch side of the room on a ladder and I panned the room using the view and direction. When I released the pan, Indy was gone. I could still see the rocks fall as Indy climbed, but he was the invisible man. I went into the inventory and out and he was back. Another was in the area right at the end of that level where the cable car is. I went there before a few other places so I didn't have the part. I was looking around and I moved the crate back to the dart section. I pulled it down a stair and it stayed up in the air no matter where I pulled it. Also if you stood on it your head would go through the stone above. The crate also got stuck so I had to start most of the level again to move the crate where it was supposed to be. SAVE, SAVE, SAVE your games.