View Full Version : Netscape problem

11-29-1999, 09:18 AM
Ok, this might be totally unrelated, thing is I have a problem with Netscape when I go to the main page (www.indyjones.net). No prob with the forums though. Anyone?

11-29-1999, 06:00 PM
Same problem. Everytime I load the site it crashes netscape. Sometype of bus error.

11-29-1999, 06:06 PM
Thing is it worked yesterday morning. Oh well, at least the forum is working, and it works in Explorer.

11-30-1999, 02:41 PM
I made a long post on this in the feedback forum. Turn off either Style Sheets or Javascript (in the Edit|Preferences|Advanced pane) and the front page will load.


11-30-1999, 06:03 PM
I can't access indyjones.net Main page using Netscape 4.7 either. Hope somebody has informed the Webmaster.