View Full Version : Duelers Mod: Tournament Duels & much, much, more.

02-07-2003, 06:58 PM
Duelers Mod Project:
Duelers is a JediMod based mod, similar to JediPlus/OmniMod except gameplay is much smoother as well as fewer bugs. This is intended for the Duelers in JK2 community, but this is a really good mod for you FFA fans out there also.
As we all know the #1 reason why people do not play Duel mode is because we hate waiting. Waiting 10 minutes to play 2 is ridiculous; So Lee Oattes (coder) designed a new Duel mode, one that allows multiple duels at the same time.

Key features of the next version of Duelers:
* Multi-Duel Code: Allows multiple duels at the same time with a ladder type of play.
* Banning fixed: You can ban 1024 IPs.
* No Stat Wh0ring CVar: You can't change your name once your health drops below 80, this way you can't change your name right before you die to improve your statistics; Again, this is just a CVar (an option) only.
* Choosing a hilt in UI sets both right & left hilt rather than just right hilt.

Non-Mod Key Features of next version of Duelers:
* 2 Types of Installers: First one is a zip for Linux users. The second is an actual installer with a variety of options to choose from.
* Custom windows icons & folder icons.
* Winhelp file for a manual.
* Skin pack.
* A few different sound packs to choose from.
* Hilt pack: I handpicked these myself. No more lame hilts. Every single one of these hilts are at least decent looking. No more tie-dye hilt stuff. I am also doing the UI hilt icons myself to make everything look nicer. I also went through all the hilts on JKII.net & JK2Files.com & selected the best hilts I could find.

Current features of Duelers:
* Non-interferance code: When in a private duel you can only see & hear your opponent as if you & him/her were the only ones in the room (Note: This code is not perfect for non-saber weapons yet).
* Private Duel Glow CVar: You can remove the glow you & your opponent have when you are in a private duel.
* Optional Animations: You can cartwheel left/right & backflip instead of rolling (like in JediMoves).
* Duel Info on End CVar: Shows you the winners remaining health points & shields at the end of the duel.
* Jetpack CVars: Can have the Jetpack run off the shields & choose how much shields it takes per second.
* Saber does not automatically ignite on spawn.
* Tons of admin commands: freeze, thaw, silence, speak, bring, goto, tzone, real, boot, rename, etc; etc. Admin guns available for those commands as well.
* New Admin Password: You can type in the admin password & control the server instead of having to type in RCON every time you want to make a change.
* Tons & tons & tons of cleanup from older versions, stuff from Raven & JediMod to improve smoothness of gameplay.
* We are still adding stuff :D. If you think you have some good ideas, let us know.

Other features of Duelers:
* You can join spectate when you go away from keyboard (no more BRB or AFK in your name :D)
* Allot of the features from JediMod/JediPlus/OmniMod like multiple hilts, multiple taunts, various emotes, dual bladed sabers, dual sabers, jedi council rank, etc; etc.
* By default, the single saber uses the original 3 stances & duel sabers/dual bladed sabers use only the 2 new stances.

We are also looking for some modelers for a few hilt conversions & some other hilt projects. if anyone is interested you can email me at Marker0077@Hotmail.com, please make sure you include a *** anywhere in the subject so your email will get past my email filter & into my inbox. Thanks for your time either way & hopefully we will see you playing when we are ready to release this :D.