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11-28-1999, 07:50 PM
Ok. How does LEC think that they are going to put Indiana Jones and the Infenal machine on N64? It's physically impossable for the same reasons that JK is only on PC and why Indy isn't on Playstation. It has 2 CDs. N64 uses cartrages. They can't even hold as much as 1 CD. Currently, only Dreamcast can do Indy. Why? Becuase it uses GDs (giga disc) that hold a bit above 1 gig. Also, to do the game completely, only DC has enough power (on my computer which is approx. 6x faster than N64, it still has a bit of trouble with frame rates here and there). It would take about 4 cartrages and a bunch of extra power to do it on N64.Personally, I expect to see it on Dreamcast. Why? here are a few reasons
1)More power than any system out
2)Easy to take the PC to DC (all programming on Dreamcast is done with C+++, so programmers don't have to learn another language)
3)If LEC is making it for a console, DC is the only system with enough power to do it right
4)why not?

I have to say, to put it on N64 will be like putting Racer on N64, which I thought was a big mistake. It looks sad compared to a PC with enough power. (I've seen some screan shots of Racer on DC which LEC says they might make. It looks so much better than the PC version) So I wouldn't be surprised to see Indy on Dreamcast instead of N64.


11-28-1999, 08:35 PM
Well chances are Lucasarts won't do an EXACT replica on 64. They just have to tune the game down, maybe take some things out that really slow down framerate, etc. It could work

The Indy Freak

11-29-1999, 12:10 AM
Anyone saw Resident Evil 2? As I recall, that game was on 2 CD but it's on a cart. In my opinion, it's possible.

Shaggiana Joe
11-29-1999, 01:02 AM
That's confirmed. Indy is DEFINATELY going for the Big N. The levels are going to be more polished than before with the neocartridge + a ram extention pack, control adaptations are being made to make the game run smoother, and about 3/8 of the voice talent is still there. The cutscenes will be shorter and farther between, meaning the adventure element of character interaction is almost completely gone. I do NOT think that the move to the N64 is a wise one while LucasArts has a Nintendo Dolphin kit to transfer Indy on to. Heck, they could've made it BETTER. Whenever a PC game goes console, it's always a little bit or a lot worse. Never, ever better. Friggineccarbleggariffercrappersonsofbeeotches... Grrr...
I'll still buy it, though.

I'm just like Indy... if he were a pimp.

11-29-1999, 01:26 AM
I HOPE Indy isnt going to befor the N64 game.It isnt fair for the people who were whaiting a year for the Playstation.I never realy liked N64.

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11-29-1999, 02:30 AM
I think the reason why they are going for the N64 and not the PSX (they probably consider the next gen console too far) is because of Phantom Menace. Racer was supposed to be on PSX, but they scratched that too. I own Phantom on PSX and I enjoy it a lot, since I don't really care about the graphics. But I don't think Indy would translate very well. The N64 version will indeed be different but with no loading, should be cool. (Hey, if they add a return to the Grail Temple level, wouldn't that be sweet? Doing the 3 challenges)

11-29-1999, 07:15 PM
I still don't like the idea of tuning the game down. It takes away from the actual game. I'm against it going on N64. As I said before, even with the expansion pack, the game has to be torn apart to try to put it on a cartrage. Look at Racer on N64. It's not near Pc, or what I've seen of Racer on Dreamcast. Also, a few changes to the program, and bang! it's on Dreamcast. Personally, I'd perfer to see Indy on Dreamcast.


11-29-1999, 08:24 PM

Indy for N64?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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11-29-1999, 08:25 PM
Well, I think they did evaluate the market. I mean, sure the game would be better on DC, but I doubt they'd sell as many. Then again, the original version is always the best, so what are we complaining about if we got the PC version?

11-30-1999, 01:51 AM
Well, I own an N64, and like it personally http://www.indyjones.net/forums/smile.gif
Although it has much less power than a PC, it can take out a PSX anyday. A PSX is only a 2x CD-Rom if I remember correctly, and only has like 2mb of video mem...
Cartridges are getting better, with the possibilty of up to 100 mb now, and still fot thr $50-60 price range. You can make a cart as big as you want, the bigger you make it though, the more it costs http://www.indyjones.net/forums/frown.gif

I think it would be cool to come out with another Indy game in time for the release of Dolphin! That console is so great, it even beats PSX2 in every aspect, and it is sooo much cooler!!

Techno Ry
11-30-1999, 02:14 AM
Ha ha, PS and DC lovers! http://www.indyjones.net/forums/biggrin.gif Long Live N64! They can always use subtitles instead of the voices, that won't take a lot away... Oh, and Dan, AFAIK, N64 is coded in C++ as well (not C+++ though http://www.indyjones.net/forums/wink.gif ). Eat that PS owners! You can't handle it! http://www.indyjones.net/forums/wink.gif jk

11-30-1999, 09:13 AM
Well the 2x of the PSX, while being a 2x, is way faster than your PC CD-Rom. Then again, the thing is <i>optimized</i> for games so. Anyway, if it comes out on N64, I might get it.

11-30-1999, 11:14 PM
Ok, I think that we'vwe gone too far. But, I'm throwing in my two cents. Again. Ok, I know what N64 can do. I know what Dolphin can do. I know what PSX can do. I know what Dreamcast is capable of doing in the future (remember, it's an evolving system. With a simple connection, it's 700Mhz, DVD capable, whatever Sega can come up with. It's kinda like connecting the Genesis to the Sega CD) I still think that it would be best on DC. By the time either PSX2 or Dolphin come out, it's going to be old (the game that is). Who would want to buy it besides the people who don't have 3-d cards?
OK, now I'm going to throw in my two cents about the system arguments we are having. Dreamcast is the fastest system out and could possibly be after both Dolphin and PSX2 come out with the upgrade capablities. So, that's my two cents. And to whoever said that thing about the cartrages being bigger, 100 MB. It's still one tenth of what GDs do.


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12-01-1999, 07:55 PM
PC is always the best.

Hey,I'm always right!