View Full Version : True nature of the force only cannon and this game use

02-08-2003, 06:51 AM
Is their really a distinction as if the force has personality or is it an infinite energy field that some are sensitive too and learn to manipulate, so if you at it like that it makes the force completely user defined lets see

If thats the case then a skilled user in the force may feel unseen electrons in the air, use eletric charge from his own nerves, or heart and concentrate it enough into lightning form.
However the precise control and concentration of manipulating the force in such a way would have to be a Jedi master.

Force manipulation by gripping one, cutting off air, however theirs also ways of grip ones blood vessels, ones vital organs, you can manipulate the force in stunning ways.
healing could be knowing ones innerforce so well concentrating cells at a point or holding a wound together.

So the force can do almost anything, so what specifys light and dark.

Do you think that the Jedi felt that such use of the force is cruel, toture, and evil and really denied the purpose of the jedi?

Will using the force in such a way bother their conscience, make them power driven, or becoming overly agressive feeling a needed change in jedi philosophy
ALso do you believe that some jedi if absolutely neccessary will use such powers if its justified, or will stick by the book no matter what. I think their's a reason that jedi made the code strict, Ep 2 officially revealed that only jedi masters could view the sith holocron, and we find out in this game why the code was made.

Darth Damage
02-09-2003, 03:36 PM
That is very intersting... I have never looked at the force in such a deep matter before, and i think that jedi will never use these powers even if they can be justified because they just lead to corrupt and evil ways.