View Full Version : ANY STAR WARS Char Sound!!!!!!!!!!

02-08-2003, 07:24 AM
hello...im just leting you know that if you need any sound of any char like Luke or Yoda or mace or any one justs let me know, add me too msn my e-mail is hpiman004@hotmail.com and my aol is hpiman004 and my yahoo is hpiman004

02-08-2003, 07:29 AM
Please post something only once. Every editing board I've gone on I've seen this. Mods/Admins please close this and all others except in the Editing Request forum.

02-08-2003, 12:31 PM
I've deleted all of the duplicate posts except for the ones in Request Central and the General Editing forum.

Please don't spam the boards, it's completely unessessary, and it annoys the mods :D