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11-26-1999, 03:25 PM
Don't you just hate it when you order a game halfway across a country, and when it gets there you can't play because the company fumbled up again? LoL. There's an error in certain Indy3d cds(Including mine)that won't let you play off the first CD. Meaning: You can't do anything but the first level. Assert Handler errors are very very very evil. They shouldn't be there. Nevereverever. If anyone has this same problem and Lucasarts has contacted you back on how to solve it (Slackers. Haven't called ME back yet. Hmph).. Reply or something.

11-26-1999, 04:24 PM
A friend had a problem with running the second level from the first cd. After he did the "analyze your computer" he discovered that the game was not recognizing his cd player. After a quick trip to comp usa for a new cd player, he reloaded the game, and he was in business. The original cd was a mitsumi pos.

11-26-1999, 04:26 PM
Nah. My DVD rom and tuner card are set up fine. Lucasarts has like 3000 people calling in with the same problem and said they'd call me back soon. Heh. *Patiently waits..*

11-27-1999, 12:02 AM
Another day..Another lack of answer.
And so I wait.
The clocking ticking in the corner.
Time.. Slowly.. Passing.. By.
Mocking and laughing.

11-30-1999, 12:42 AM
This just in from LucasArts:

We have had one report that a customer corrected this problem on a Gateway
by simply not loading the DOS driver for the CD ROM drive.

To do this:
- Click the start button and select "Run"
- In the box type "msconfig" and press "OK"
- Select the tab labeled "config.sys"
- Locate the line that contains "/d:cd1" where cd1 can actually be any
combination of letters and numbers.
- Remove the check mark from the box at the beginning of this line.
- Press OK and then reboot the computer.


12-02-1999, 05:29 PM
I was also very surprised when I opened the CD cover and found a warning sign, telling me my system could lock up if the input device settings would be changed ( Germ. version)