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02-08-2003, 04:31 PM
Rebel Operations (http://rebelops.oktagone.net/) needs help! We are looking for people to fill the following positions:

Coder - We are looking for a coder proficient in C/C++. Game coding knowledge and familiarity with Jedi Outcast's code help greatly, as our coder will be adding, editing, and removing lines to the existing code where necessary to realize our new features.

Skinner - We are looking for an experienced skinner of weapons and/or characters. Photoshop or other image editing software proficiency is required, as we will need our skinner to create new skins for custom models done by our modeler.

Weapon/Equipment Modeler - We require a talented modeler of weapons and equipment. This person must know how to use 3D Studio Max or similar modeling software in order to create realistic weapons and equipment for use in the mod.

Character Modeler - We are in need of a capable character modeler who is experienced in 3DS Max or a similar modeling program. Our character modeler will need to create realistic player character and non-player character models of human and humanoid characters and also a few various droid characters as well.

Mappers - We are searching for a few talented mappers who know how to use JK2Radiant. Experience with co-op or single player level design is a must, since we will need our mappers to create dynamic maps with multiple approaches and solutions to goals.

Texture Artist - We are looking for a skilled texture artist with knowledge of Photoshop or another image editing program. We will need our texture artist to create new textures for use in the custom maps that are being made.

Animator - We are in need of an experienced animator of weapon and/or character models. Our animator will need to manipulate custom models with an animating program to produce movement, so experience with such a program is required.

Sound Editor - We are searching for a talented sound editor to create, record, and edit sounds. Proficiency with sound editing software and a good recording device are necessary, since we will need our sound editor to make and record sounds, then edit them to produce the desired effect.

As with any team member, potential recruits must be willing to make a dedication to being an active member of the team by checking our forums frequently (once they are back up) and eventually producing some quality mod elements. If you cannot do this, please do not apply. But if you are looking to join an experienced mod team and can fill one of the positions and meet all the requirements, please don't hesitate to contact Chandler at rebelops@yahoo.com instead of replying to this to get the fastest response. Any other questions/comments/discussion can be posted here for now. Thank you!

02-14-2003, 09:41 AM
Still in need of personnel...