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02-08-2003, 04:37 PM
“We are the Clan of the Wroshyr. As you know, the Wroshyr are the mighty trees that grace our homeworld of Kashyyyk. Each tree is several kilometers high, and nowhere in the galaxy can you find their equal. The trees represent our home, and more importantly, the strength of our people. It is that strength that we must call on now in our hour of need. Across the galaxy, from the core worlds to the outer rim, our people are enslaved. An Imperial blockade surrounds our home, and friends and family each day are subjected to slave raids. All of us are from different clans on Kashyyyk, but now, we are forming a new clan based on the old ways. We are a clan of Wookiees intent on returning home, and returning that home to its former status as a distinguished member of the Republic. That is where you come in. “
We are building a community for Wookiees on the Chilastra server. We WILL be a PA, but that will NOT be the only way you can be involved. Our clan will serve as an extended family for Wookiees who are exiled from Kashyyyk. That means we will want to be a point of contact for Wookiees across the galaxy. Should you choose to join us, you will become a part of the Clan, and entitled to all of the benefits and responsibilities of belonging to our family. For those who don’t choose to join, you will still be welcome in our village. There you may find Wookiee crafts, weapons, and conversation in your native tongue. Most importantly, you will find companionship. All Wookiees (except those aligned with the Imperials) are welcome, regardless of their PA. Please stop by our forums and say hello.

Now, for those of you who are interested in joining the Clan of the Wroshyr:

· You MUST be a Wookiee to be a member.
· No Imperial Wookiees. We are trying to free our family and friends, after all.
· We would like all members of the Clan to be active. That does not mean treating the game like a full time job. Rather, it simply means checking the boards regularly, and trying to be in-game as much as possible.
· You do NOT have to live in our village. Our village will be the center of the clan, but we do not have any plans to try to build a city. If it happens, fine. If not, that is also fine.
· We are a roleplaying PA. Roleplaying is strongly encouraged, but official meetings of our Clan Elders WILL be roleplayed.
· We will try to have several activities based on customs and traditions of our clans. Examples will be holidays (i.e. Life Day), rites of passages, and missions or quests based on roleplaying activities.
· Any professions are welcome. We are bound by our species, not by our profession.
· Covert or Overt Rebel Faction is preferred. However, Neutrals will also be accepted. Your main loyalty should be to your Clan.
· Our PA is governed by Council of Elders. The Council will help make all of the important decisions for the Clan, but every member has a voice.
· Selection to become an Elder is based on deeds. Any member has the opportunity to become an Elder.
· We will also have Sages amongst our clan. These Wookiees will be respected members of the Clan who have proven their expertise in a certain area. These Wookiees will help newer members of the Clan to learn their chosen trade, or simply other members wishing to explore a new field.
· Our planet is yet to be decided on, but we will likely settle in an area that reminds us of our home, and closely suits our instincts.
· Regardless of planet, we wish to be isolated from the larger cities. Imperial eyes are everywhere.
· Finally, there is PvP. We are not a combat-oriented PA. However, we will take part when it makes sense for us to do so. That could include allying with Rebels to battle the Empire, or a PA war with Trandoshans, or any other reasonable situation.

If you think you might be interested, or would just like to say hello, please check us out at the following locations:
http://wroshyr.moonfruit.com/ Official Website
http://pub8.ezboard.com/bclanofthewroshyr Official Forums
wroshyrpatriarch@yahoo.com Official Email

Alternatively, you can contact me personally at:
AIM/YIM/MSN: Imbrifer
ICQ: 78553289
email: Imbrifer44@hotmail.com

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