View Full Version : Purchasing IJ : TIM in Australia

11-28-1999, 05:24 AM
Is there any place in Australia that you can get Indiana Jones ? . Ordering from the Lucasarts site turns out to be $60.00 .

Tyr .

11-28-1999, 08:29 AM
You can have some one from the USA ship it for you. You will have to send them money plus S&H cost.

I can do it, I'v sent computer software and parts to Au. befor.

11-28-1999, 03:40 PM
In order to get it sent to America and then back to you in austraila will eventually turn out to be 60 dollars considering you'd have to send shipping and handling money for the US to Austraila trip. Your best bet is to get it directly from Lucasarts.

11-28-1999, 04:19 PM
Or we can do it the cheap way, and brun off a copy and send it...

12-04-1999, 12:06 AM
Where are you in Aus? You can probably find it at places like Westfield in Parra, Sydney. Or you can check up at places like DJ or Grace Bros. and they SHOULD carry it, but try going in Dec, cause I think it's a bit new to be there yet.

Techno Ry
12-04-1999, 12:25 AM
(in old western accent)
We don't take kahndly to pahrates 'round these parts...

12-04-1999, 09:26 PM
If your REALLY desprate you can order it from som Indy links.

Hey,I'm always right!