View Full Version : Level 4 bug

12-04-1999, 10:59 PM
I'm at the end of the Sambala Sanctuary level and I'm facing the Ice Guardian. My system throws me out the desktop everytime I start to approach him. Also, in the bottom right corner the Monastic Seal shows up just before kicking me out to the desktop. ( the showing up of the monastic seal relates to a software bug)

I have read this problem on many other forums on the internet, but I haven't found any solution yet.

I am not able to continue the game.

This must be a bug in the software.

Please help

12-05-1999, 03:03 AM
Yes...this is a maddening bug...along with all the others I have encountered. This gme is alot of fun, but these bugs are too much! (rant mode off)

Now for the solution(hopefully)...I had the same problem with my save game and as a last ditch effort, I played the entire level again. It worked correctly when I did that. I think the problem is some type of save game corruption. Hope that works for you.