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Zathu Koon
02-10-2003, 05:07 PM
omnimod crashes whenever someone says something with *s or *S in it.
It reboots the server. Don't have this problem when any other mod is on.

This is from one of my server regs:
I took the file, looked at it in wordpad....saw garbage...used a C++ compiler to view it by memory location, meaning like 100 pages of numbers and letters resembleing ascii...they are in hex by the way so i used a chart to convert what i was looking for...I found the *s using the find feature in C's compiler...deleated it...gave it to anakin who pk3'ed it and tried to run it. You could get as far as the screen where you choose your skin and force powers..but if u tried to join you couldnt and would keep getting that screen over again. Either what i found just happend to be * and an s or or *s is part of something that must be present in order for the file to function.

Then some other regs went to two omnimod servers to find out if they had any problems. Both didnt. And one server even told them they had it and fixed it, and werent going to tell how they did it. o_O

<-- confused

02-20-2003, 02:39 PM

This problem was actually caused by a serverside/clientside mismatch on some unpure servers. If lets say a 1.4 client connects to a 1.5 server, you may get this problem, then again u may not