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12-07-1999, 05:02 AM
Hey there.
Does anyone here know anything about the Indy/Jedi Knight engine? I am trying to locate some game textures, but I cant seem to locate a lot of the .MAT files for the characters! My best guess is that they arent in the .GOBs at all, but in the SNM files. It makes sense, because of their size and because they are the only place I havent looked. Anybody have any clue how to crack open these SNMs, or know if my guess is wrong, or have any other info about the indy textures/models? Thanks alot.

12-07-1999, 02:10 PM
Actually, It seems more likely that the snm files are the speech files for the game, but maybe there's more in there than the speech, because I cant locate the dang .mat files!