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Shaggiana Joe
12-05-1999, 07:16 AM
I just got my copy of Neo Aurotech por Chinglio from my pals in Italy, and Mike Tenson, who was the story board guy colaborating under the Barwood team for IM, said that there will definately be another third person shooter with Indy in it. This is the best of my ability, please, if anyone speaks the language more fluently than I do, please e-mail me and I'll type up the article for you to translate. Here's the juicy part (And the only part I can make out particularly well):

"In order to add to the media (maybe hype?) of the next Indiana Jones trilogy, which I understand [LIM] (Industrial Light and Magic?) is setting up for, there will be at least one Machine Infernal sequel to be released about a month/year (Luna in Italian is month, but it says luna dose which I'm guessing is 12 months) prior to the film. I thought/spoke with Hal the other day and he seems to be taking a lot of the American critic's ideas to heart, but the European reviews have been almost all positive, except that it's only been released in 7 countries. Germany particularly is enjoying the game because they not only are no longer the bad guy in the game (laughs? smiles?), but they also have the man who did Harrison Ford's voice over for the films do the game in German.
(Continues for a while with editorial comment, he talks about all his other projects that no one on this side of the world is interested in for about 7 pages, and one more juicy thing pops up)
It will have a whole new story, and we're not going to move from the Indiana Jones saga anymore. Our italian, english and russian voice over people will not be returning, except for possibly some man who was Indiana Jones in the english version. Unfortunately, he got pitiful reviews by the British tech mags, complaining that he sounded like an American weatherman or car salesman more than an explorer(?). Also, John-Rhys Davies will have a small cameo in the next game, as he will in the movie from the rumors I've heard. It's a ways off, and everyone's moved on. That is just one of the possibilities that LEC has been thinking of. I suggested we do a game completely on Raiders of the Lost Ark in the third person adventure style, but there's been no response to that, which usually means "No." We had a lot of fun with this game, and I certainly hope to don the fedora while working at a computer screen for 20 hours a day again (laughs)."

Well, the only 2 problesm there is with this is that my Italian is my third language, and not one that I studied very thoroughly, so a bunch of that stuff I was guessing. Also, reading from that magazine is like reading something off a bathroom wall in Venice. One article about 5 years ago claimed that the Vatican was going to outlaw computers in Italian schools. Five years later, thanks to help from the wealthy Americans, every school in Italy is Y2K INinvincable. Like I said, if ANYONE speaks Italian fluently, please e-mail me and I'll type the snippet from the article onto the computer (without accents and tildes, unfortunately). My buddies in Florence usually translate whatever outlandish news they get into english before they send me anything. Here's to a better Indy 6.

I'm just like Indy... if he were a pimp.

12-07-1999, 06:59 PM
A third person Raiders is a great idea if you ask me. The story is already there, all that really needs to be done is level design. Also, John-Rhys Davies would be great. Shallah is one of the greatest caracters in the movies. It would be good to see Shallah in the game, along with Marcus and Henry Jones Sr. Unforunately, I don't know any forgein language.