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Father Torque
02-11-2003, 09:23 PM
Hello everyone i was just stoppin by to request a new board. This board would focus on Full Throttle. A LucasArts game about a motorcycle gang running from the cops and trying to stop Ripburger who kills Malcom Corley the only good bike maker in the country. Ripburger takes over and tries to turn Corley Motors into a mini van company its up to ben and the Poll Cats to save the day. You meet many vast gangs and special people like Father Torque:p the original leader of the Poll Cats. I know lots about this game and in the board there could be Highway 51 the Full Throttle only topic then The Bar for off topic disscusion. Full Throttle 2 for the upcoming FT 2 and Full Throttle Roleplaying where you can branch ideas and amke your own Full Throttle adventure

Also ummnnn not to be a little pest but if this goes through i would like to be a mod because i know gagillions of things about Full Throttle and i have been playing it since i was like 4. I know every person gang place and objective. I feel that i could help the board with my vast knowledge of the game.

What do ya say give it a shot:)

02-11-2003, 09:47 PM

Dude, you have to dig sometimes. :rolleyes:

Thread closed.