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02-12-2003, 04:34 PM
Does anyone know where I can obtain a generic model that can be modeled in gmax? I was gonna make a model for JK2 but I can't find a .md3 to start off of.

ksk h2o
02-13-2003, 05:26 AM
If you want to get into player modelling, first of all you should know that gmax or milkshape will not be able to get your model to the stage where it can be imported into the game.

Right now only 3ds max 4, and softimage XSI can make player characters that can be converted into glms and played with in game. (the md3 to glm way you are talking about is for non-animated models such as map objects and weapons)

As for a generic model, you could tray downloading any of the quake 3 models out there to see how models are built, but I would suggest creating your own model from scratch since you will learn a lot during that process. "editing" an existing model can prove to be a lot more frustrating if you don't know what you are doing and could ultimately take more time than creating your own model and learning modelling the right way.

02-13-2003, 01:59 PM
Amen brother!

02-13-2003, 02:40 PM
They are right, do not even try to find a way around there isin't one trust me.

02-13-2003, 08:29 PM
Yeah . . . so back to my question. Thanks for you input, but you don't know what I have in mind. Why would I try to replicate a kyle just to change like the shoulder pad or the hair or something? I just want to know where I can download a .md3 that I can edit in gmax. Also, if you don't know what i have planned, then maybe you shouldn't give me advice on a totally different subject? I'm not trying to be rude . . .but seriously.

02-13-2003, 11:56 PM
Um just wondering how do you plan to get it back into the game?

02-14-2003, 12:53 AM
You need Kyle in .md3 format? i could export it for you (it has only the highest LOD + skeleton and tags if you need em too).

Let me know if that's what you need, i'll mail it or link it to my page.

02-14-2003, 12:04 PM
I don't really plan to get it into game. Not yet anyways I just want to edit him. And Psyko anything you got I wouldn't turn down. I would appreciate your help very much. But as long as it is in .md3 format I'm cool with whatever. If you want to e-mail it to me, my address is mlz52986@aol.com. But A link would be fine too, whichever is easiet for you.

02-14-2003, 02:22 PM
There you go man:

02-14-2003, 02:28 PM
Hey, thanks alot man. You really helped me.

02-14-2003, 02:30 PM
No problem, and it took about 30 secs :)

02-14-2003, 05:16 PM
Sorry if I sounded snippy I was haveing a rough day. :)

02-14-2003, 05:25 PM
Not because of what i said i hope :(.

02-14-2003, 07:40 PM
Only a little... I was tiered and a little crushed because I could not make models myself. But I'm ok now I have gmax ver 1.2 and I am going to be working on something cool soon. I hope anyway. But I realy have to thank you for all the help you gave me and the patience you had with me. When I read that thread from the start... It did take allot to get me to give up. But don't think your rid of me I'll mess somthing up and come rinning to you! :D