View Full Version : Are you happy with the game's music? I AM NOT!!!

12-05-1999, 10:15 PM
While all of the newer starwars games use tracks that come straight out of the movies!
Indy's latest game still uses this crappy synthesized music! i mean come on! there's enough material from the indy flicks to use in a good way!

Or better yet why didn't they just ask John williams or Joel Mcneely to write an entire new score for the game that's played by a REAl symphonic orchestra!

I just expected more from the music...


12-06-1999, 08:07 PM
It deffinatly could have been better.


Fear is the path to the darkside.

12-07-1999, 06:41 PM
I'm happy with the music, but, it could definately be better. If they make another Indy game they should consider better music.


12-12-1999, 02:08 AM
The music DEFINITLY could have been better. Where's the mood engine? Like they even had
in Jedi Knight? It wouldn't have been that hard surely?

But what really sucks is having to see
Microsoft windows boxes when I want to change
the settings. What's that all about? Lazy
or pushed for time?

Coupled with the bugs, the faults are really starting to overshadow an obviously well thought out and planned game.