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Darth Eggplant
02-13-2003, 01:30 PM
A Short While Ago In A Galactic Forum Near You

scant days ago I ventured out into cyber space
and made the jump to light speed, and through
dimensional warp through 8 of 12's Stargate
came to the lucas forum communities dedicated
to the Star Wars Universe and the Lucasarts games
and forum communities they encompass.
I did not take part in any of those polls myself
because it would have been unfair for me to register
an opinion based on a complete absence of imperical fact.
however, just as a mystery customer or forum cricket
might come to rate your planetary orbits, I have anyalized
the data files contained with your forum's database
and have witnessed first hand many Bothans who gave
their though and time and posts towards me,
in friendship and interspecies galactic harmony.
and here is my report:
a not so secret report within the Guild.

deadheat tie (Grim fandango pun)
for Best Forum\Community:
Star Wars,
Star Wars Knights
and SW Galaxies

second place and a very close second:
Galactic Battlegrounds
:fett: :jawa :c3po:
(sorry a 4 way tie doesn't cut it
like at Maximino's Kitty Track,
win, show and place
and the fix has to be in
cause things work best that way.)

now a technical glitch has transpired.
I either did not post my poll at Jedi Knight II
(if so I am sorry, it was an unfortunate oversight)
they chose to remove it.
*more on this possibility only if it applies.*

Jedi Knight forum:
forum members have viewed my poll
yet none took place in it.
possibilities include
they might all be very busy
(I have no life,
I know strangely
most people seem to.):D
or like grandma always said;
'if you do not have anything nice to say...'

(1st place)
X Wing Alliance dot net
(2nd place and close contenders)
Rogue Squadron dot net

unfortunately First Contact with these species
went baddly and as such trade negotiations,
diplomacy and or alliances with these races
will be discontinued for the rest of the Millenium.

I very much enjoyed posting at
Star Wars, SW Galaxies and Star Wars Knights.
Membership and Mods for these forums made me
smile and feel quite welcomed, and as a goodwill
Ambassador from the GFN Grim Fandago Network
I invite all of you to come visit us in the
Land of The Dead; cause it's a Dead man's Party
over there and our members and mod's will welcome
you one and all.:manny::manny::manny:

I also hope to open up friendly relations with
forum members from Jedi Knight, Jedi Knight II
and Galactic Battlegrounds. I also extend the
skeleton key to our forum to your membership
as well, posting in other communities forums
only helps to strengthen the entire Lucas forums.

*X Wing Alliance and Rogue Squadron
you can come over to our side if you like,
but I have to warn you in advance;
we are all pretty lame over there.*

02-13-2003, 05:04 PM
I'm happy to see that we are liked in the community. :)

I imgine at Jk2 that with the amount of new thread being posted there everyday that it just fell into the abyss.

I did check out the GFN, it's a cool place. I post all over LF in the SW related ones, but I'm going to do more reading in the Mixinmojo, MI, and the GFN. :)

Originally posted by Darth Eggplant
I also extend the
skeleton key to our forum to your membership
as well, posting in other communities forums
only helps to strengthen the entire Lucas forums.

I couldn't agree more.....that has been the way I've always viewed this place. :)