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11-25-1999, 05:40 PM
Looking at the map of the 9th Level (Mexico),
you'll find a small Island near Kuba called
"Melee". Some Monkey Island Junkies will remember this name ;-)!

11-25-1999, 06:27 PM
Notice the city marked El Marrow? Sound familiar from Grim Fandango?

-Dr. Henry Jones Sr.
"Indiana. .Indiana. .let it go."

11-26-1999, 04:19 PM
Look at the horizon when on board of the russian ship.....recognize that island you drive towards in the small boat? Isn't that a beatiful Monkey Island???

"What is this? Sounds like steppin' on popcorn!"

11-26-1999, 04:21 PM
Alas.. Our hunger for another Money Island game is only satisfied through numerous teases inside Indy. If you're REALLY desperate push F10 and type makemeapirate. Then again Guybrush's hair can get REALLY annoying. =P I hope this doesnt turn into a MI forum.

11-26-1999, 04:30 PM
At least they THINK about Monkey Island. http://www.indyjones.net/forums/smile.gif

11-26-1999, 08:10 PM
Who the hell are we kidding.. Indy and Monkey Island are the best!

11-27-1999, 03:29 AM
Might I add that Grim Fandango rocked too. What about a crossover?

11-27-1999, 06:06 AM
I was gonna ask what the heck "El Marrow" meant.

Now I haveta get Grim Fandango...

11-27-1999, 06:43 PM
Indy, Manny, and Guybrush.

11-27-1999, 06:45 PM
Grim Jones: LeChuck's Return

11-28-1999, 03:51 AM
we want MI...we want MI...(chanting)

12-02-1999, 01:59 PM
Lucasarts has got to do another monkey island game.

Crazy Legs..... that was a pretty good song...

12-02-1999, 11:44 PM
They are!!!

Hey,I'm always right!

12-03-1999, 04:54 AM
Are you serious when you say that they are making another Monkey Island game? I really hope they are. The Monkey Island series has to be the best series that Lucasarts has come up with. I just wish they would also make sequals to Sam & Max and Full Throttle.

12-13-1999, 06:24 PM
The monkey island games is mutch better than the indy jones games!,
Guybrush Rules!!!!