View Full Version : Game crash after Ice Monster death!!!

12-05-1999, 05:37 PM
Talk about frustrating. As soon as the Ice Monster is killed the game crashes. No time to even save the game.

I've tried to adjust all the settings I can to no avail. It seems to be a bug. Right before I die I get a key to one of the doors earlier in the game that I had already used. (I assume it is the same key) I fact if the monster even just touches me I get the key. I've gotten this far...

I'd prefer to keep my own game going rather than grab a savegame from someone else. Would anyone be interested in taking a savegame from me where all you have to do is "shoot" and then save the game and send it back to me?

Indy Jones
12-13-1999, 08:45 PM
Pnardy has savegames. his website is posted at hints and tips forums.