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12-26-1999, 03:04 PM
Hi! My husband bought me the game for christmas. We installed it on our 128 RAM, 600 megahertz pentium 3, 16 MB 3dfx Voodoo3 3000d AGP (I only mention these 'cause I'm not sure if it's important)new computer. After playing a bit of the canyon walkthrough, we started experiencing lockups and freezes, sometimes right after reloading the game. Escape, Enter, and spacebar only exit us from the game (a real problem is you haven't saved recently) and F10 "Fix Me" didn't do anything. Has anyone else has this problem? and if so, hwo did you fix it- or have you. I even got rid of the fog option.


12-26-1999, 07:22 PM
It locks up to me too.
What I do is restarting the computer then entering the program.

Hey,I'm always right!