View Full Version : How can I find the Urgon in Level 4?

Happy CHAN
01-05-2000, 04:28 PM
I tried numerous efforts to find the Urgon as to combat the Ice ogre but in vain. Would anyone tell me how I could find this Urgon?

01-07-2000, 04:44 PM
Proceed down until you reach the next room... Move quickly to the right as the Ice Guardian attacks immediately!
There are 4 towers, each has it's own color. You have to reach the top of the red tower (here on the left) to get Urgon's Part.
Start at the blue tower. Climb up and...
....pull the boulder out of the wall.
Go to the red tower and climb up. Only one try for the easy way (on the right). Proceed up quickly as the plates will fall down after you walked over them. Make your way to the blue tower...
when you reach it turn right and push the boulder. Should you fall down on your way to the top you can restart from the blue tower now. Proceed to the green tower....
....use the plattforms on the right to move up...
Use your whip...then jump over and push the button to open the door.
Take Urgon's part and proceed to the other end of the room. Slide down. When you reach ground level turn left and go to the green tower.
Take out Urgon's part and lure the Ice Guardian. Get very close to it...
and activate Urgon's part. (Wait until the indicator down right on your screen is filled or not visible before activating Urgon's part again, otherwise Indy takes heavy damage). After you have activated Urgon's part 3 times while being close to the Ice Guardian, it's dead.

Happy CHAN
01-08-2000, 03:12 AM
Derzon, thank you very much.
I finally get it after following the procedure.

Thanks a lot.