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02-19-2003, 12:40 PM
I have created a B'omarr monk model for JKII. I'm using milkshape, but don't know how do to the animation for the model. I went back this week and tweeked up the legs to look just like the ones that are on the movie toy version. I'm also tempted to update the claw.

here is a link to a pic of it

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to animate this model?

02-19-2003, 01:13 PM
Link doesn't work. :(

I think trying to do that model is probably one of the hardest available. Do you plan to add it to a SP project?

I think animations in SP are currently possible, but there's a team trying to crack the _humanoid.gla file so we can add custom animations to JKII. :D

02-19-2003, 02:37 PM

I hope this link works :)

02-19-2003, 03:03 PM
Yeah it be interesting I think as a player model. I know you couldn't do some of the standard jedi stuff. But hey, how would you feel if you saw a small army of monks coming your way.

Polycount on the model as of right now -- I'm a profectionist -- stands at 2454 count. You have to remember that multy legs are always gonna be be more than your humanoids.

As B'omarr monk lore goes the prop model was four legs - Ralph Mcq... sketch has five legs, and finally the movie prop had six legs.

Which is what the toy from hasbro was based off of.

I'm quite partial to the small segment that had Jabba and his minions :fett:

I think my skinnin isn't too bad - but hey can't go wrong with you have a digital camera to help ya on your way.

03-10-2003, 12:05 PM
its gonna be qite hard for you to model him with barely any refrence pics, theres barely any out there