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01-09-2000, 06:22 PM
Help me please. I'm relatively new to gaming on the PC and Indy is really doing my head in. Have so far got to the end of level 4 and have met the ice monster. I get all the way to using my whip for the last jump before the door to urgons part when Mr Chilly gets me. When I then go back to quick save he automatically kills me before I even get a chance to move meaning game over. I have been back to the beginning of level 4 three times now and I've really had. also I notice people talking about bugs well my game is constantly freezing, I'm not sure if it's a game fault or a computor fault I have to restart the computor each time as none of the keys work at all.

01-09-2000, 08:38 PM

Try replaying the level from the begining without using quicksave (F5). Use the save feature within the escape menu (you know, the camera). I was having a similar problem and this seemed to take care of it.

As for bugs... it's unfortunate to say, because Lucasarts is usually known fot their high standard of quality but Indy is extremely crash prone.

Lucasart Tech support has a good tech support site you might want to check out (it's called Yoda's help desk) when you go to their site. You might try turning off everything in your systray.

If you need any more help, I'll check back later tonight to see if you have any other ?s I may be able to help with.


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