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02-19-2003, 10:17 PM
I'm looking for a few people to test the FFA Orbital Transfer Station. Email 06jps@williams.edu.


02-19-2003, 11:24 PM
The email has been sent! :D

Leslie Judge
02-20-2003, 06:12 AM
Mine too. :)

02-20-2003, 10:24 AM
Thanks guys, I'll send you (and anyone else) a link as soon as I fix my control deck windows.

02-20-2003, 11:28 AM
You can sign me up for better if you want, I don't mind. :)
If you want an email, I'll send one. My email is ka_hekx@hotmail.com. ;)

02-20-2003, 11:39 AM
Hey Wedge

If you still need more people for testing I would be more than happy to help out. Looks very cool from the screenies I saw.


02-20-2003, 10:19 PM
Okay, I've got enough testers now. You will be recieving an email shortly. :cool: Have fun!

02-21-2003, 11:16 AM
Don't know if you want me to post this here, but it would appear to be much easier than trying to type this up in an email.
There's just a few things / bugs I've found, although I haven't really done a completely run-over of the map. Hopefully I'll be doing that later. ;)

First; there's quite a few missing textures I'm getting, which I first noticed on the OTS without ships map, but it appears on both. I'll post the screenshots of the areas.

Shot 1 (http://www.hekx.cjb.net/beta/Shot00.jpg), Shot 2 (http://www.hekx.cjb.net/beta/Shot01.jpg), Shot 3 (http://www.hekx.cjb.net/beta/Shot02.jpg), Shot 4 (http://www.hekx.cjb.net/beta/Shot03.jpg) & Shot 5 (http://www.hekx.cjb.net/beta/Shot04.jpg)

There's also a lift without any sound added to it, I can't pinpoint the location exactly, but here (http://www.hekx.cjb.net/beta/Shot08.jpg)'s an image of the location.

I tested the map with bots; and they seemed to like standing in the lifts for hours on end. :D
Here (http://www.hekx.cjb.net/beta/Shot05.jpg) you can see 'Wicket' the ewok bot using the elevator; while he remains there for quite some time, shown here (http://www.hekx.cjb.net/beta/Shot06.jpg). It could just be the AI I had set though, you know how the JKII bots can get. :)

I also noticed this 'glitch' after spectating and following two bots around the map. The 'Darth_Sidious' bot stayed in a lift for most of the time spent, while I decided to follow 'MaceWindu'. After the bot came up a lift, the outisde skybox appeared glitchy, shown here (http://www.hekx.cjb.net/beta/Shot09.jpg).

The last thing I noticed was the diagonal stairs on the upper floors are a little awkward to scale up. My attempts to go down the stairs resulted in flying off them (http://www.hekx.cjb.net/beta/Shot07.jpg). It's probably not a problem, I like the shape of the stairs, it could have just been me being half-asleep. :)

Hope some of this helps, hopefully we can all get together on a server today to test the map out fully.

02-21-2003, 12:25 PM
Hmm, okay, posting here is fine. :)

All right, the missing textures: The forcefields are apparently custom textures, but I wasn't aware that they were...DOH. I'll switch them to the doomgiver forcefields in the final version. The models are straight out of the imp_mine misc_model set, I don't know why they aren't displaying properly, but I can just pull them.

The lift without sound is a func_train (because it has to move along that diagonal path), and I haven't been able to get my func_trains to make noise properly...I'm working on that. ;)

Bots- I've watched a bot game and noticed this myself...they tend to have trouble with elevators (either not getting on them or not deciding to get off again). It's a really vertical level, so there's not a very good way around this, I kind of hoped that there'd be enough bots dying so that they wouldn't spend too much time in problem spots. :D

Sky glitch- Hmmm, that glass VIS thing recurred. Nuts. I noticed that when I compiled the noships version, switched to q3map2.5.2, and tried again, and I thought it was fixed. Is that the ships or noships map?

Thanks a lot, I'll work on this stuff!

02-21-2003, 01:23 PM
Originally posted by wedge2211
Sky glitch- Hmmm, that glass VIS thing recurred. Nuts. I noticed that when I compiled the noships version, switched to q3map2.5.2, and tried again, and I thought it was fixed. Is that the ships or noships map?I think it was the map with the ships. What is the different between the maps, is there a moving ship located somewhere on the map?

02-21-2003, 02:45 PM
Originally posted by Hkx Nx
I think it was the map with the ships. What is the different between the maps, is there a moving ship located somewhere on the map?

Precisely. :D Two of them, in fact. Check out the hangars.

02-21-2003, 03:35 PM
The glitch is in the ots_ships map, since I just got it again while playing. :(



As you can see I've found the ship... and then it crushed me. :D

At first I didn't know the garbage hauler moved. I have an idea, make it so you use quite a few prefabs to fly-in and out randomly, I think it would be even cooler. :)

It would be nice to have that lift working with a 'heavy' lift noise. :)

As for that, the lighting is perfect. I'll need to test the bot routes out again. One of the bots kind of got a little stuck along the top structure where the Tenloss is located since the ceiling was right above him. :D (Hopefully he'll use crouch this time.)

Apart from that; how about making the big glowing ball explode? It would be cool to see that, I think.

But from all the tests I've done so far, themap looks great. I think you should release the ships one as the main map, it adds more fun to it. :)

02-22-2003, 02:38 PM
I got stuck on one of the parts of the map instead of falling down to the ground. It could have been model scalling, but here (http://www.hekx.cjb.net/beta/Shot12.jpg) it is anyway.

The other problem I've found with the map is one of the lifts (http://www.hekx.cjb.net/beta/Shot13.jpg) by the main door in the far hanger. The lift trigger seems to like randomly killing people (http://www.hekx.cjb.net/beta/Shot14.jpg) out of the blue. I don't think it's possible to use the lift safely without being crushed or killed. :(

02-22-2003, 03:03 PM
Thanks for the info. Okay, I've addressed the control-room glass issue and the missing forcefield textures. I think I'll shrink the cargo bay catwalk a little so you can fall through it instead of getting stuck, which will take care of that. As for the main hangar lift...hmm...Were you standing really close to the wall on it? You might have been caught between the lift going up and the cieling of the small tunnel to the hangar door. Do you always die on that lift?

02-22-2003, 03:24 PM
There seems to be only one area that never gets killed on the lift. I must've tried it 5 times, and at least 3 of those times I got killed. I stood by the edge at one point, which ended in being killed straight away. Some other times the lift doesn't go up or come down, and when it does it kills me.

I think it has to do with the top part of the lift being smaller than the actual size of the lift's surface, meaning someone who's riding it usually has to die. :D
Maybe if you removed some of the parts on the top level to make more room for the lift, it wouldn't turn into a killer machine. :)

02-23-2003, 08:35 PM
OK. I'll post everything I found even though I see now it repeats most of what Hkx Nx has posted. He pretty much covered all the bases. Great level overall, you should be psyched. If any of you fellow beta-testers still want to set up a server and play, drop me an email (it's in wedge's original email).

Skyshader/tex for outdoor space not loading for certain sections in the hangars(http://www.jakekeating.com/pub/wedgebeta/shot0019.jpg)

Hall of mirrors effect on top level on OTS with ships (http://www.jakekeating.com/pub/wedgebeta/shot0009.jpg)

I kep't getting killed on the same lift mentioned in the main hangar.

It could be me, but this lift http://www.jakekeating.com/pub/wedgebeta/shot0015.jpg just took quite a while to move after I stood on it

Bots just didn't seem to want to exit these lifts (http://www.jakekeating.com/pub/wedgebeta/shot0020.jpg)

Overall Critique
I really don't play multiplayer at all (too busy building my SP level these days) so maybe that is a good thing or a bad thing when it comes to reviewing an MP level. For someone like me who never plays MP, here are my thoughts:

1) The moving ships were one of my favorite parts as it may provide for some interesting duels as it's moving out into space. Accompanying sound would be even cooler though.

2) These rooms seem out of place or useless (http://www.jakekeating.com/pub/wedgebeta/shot0018.jpg). I wanted to smash open those grates and go sneak around somewhere

3) The catwalks above the hangars were very cool, but I always felt it was a bit claustrophobic. Raise the ceilings and you got a good spot for dueling/fragging

4) Lighting was very consistent and professional overall, but I wanted a bit more variation. Maybe a dark storage area where people could sneak, hide or have little private duels

5) Structure: It's very believeable as an orbiting station. Not just a bunch of brushes thrown together. Everything seems to be in there for a purpose which just makes it so much more immersive.

Overall looks great. I'm inspired to go put some more effort into my mapping now.


02-24-2003, 08:37 AM
My experience was very different from everyone else's here. The only problem I had was with that weird VIS effect at the top of the map (which has been screenshot several times so I see no need to post one of my own). I had no problem with missing textures, didn't get killed by any func_trains but the ships ;), and overall had a very enjoyable experience. Another good map, Wedge.

I think the reason you all are getting killed by that platform, and why it sometimes doesn't go up or down is because it's a func_train, not a func_plat. For those without knowledge of the mapping terms, and func_train is always in motion, so it doesn't come when you need it to. It's also more prone to killing people that get stuck on them (just look at the ships - they're big func_trains too) then a regular platform. I think the reason Wedge did it that way is so a platform can move up his angled wall.

02-24-2003, 01:02 PM
Right on, Aru.

I changed the forcefield shader to a standard JKII shader (I'm guessing before it was a custom one that Aru-Wen just also happens to have installed ;)) and I fixed the VIS thingy (all hail ydnar!) I'm not sure what Hekx's problems with the model skins was, I've got a few minor texture/detail items to work on, and there's really not all that much I can do about the func_trains. If there aren't any other sudden, pressing issues, I'll be releasing this in a day or so.

Thanks, guys!

02-25-2003, 12:04 PM
I have just submitted the file to pcgamemods.com and jkii.net. Thanks for testing it for me!