View Full Version : Psychedelic wierdness when saving, assigning keys etc.

01-11-2000, 05:57 PM
I am running indy3D ver 1.1 on an SLI'd Voodoo2 pair of 12 MB cards @1024x768. When I choose to save my position or i die etc. I get a kind of psychedelic background to the windows and everything slows down. Is this normal? It nade it pretty difficult when assigning new keys as it kept interuppting my key presses.
Anyway just a question

01-13-2000, 08:21 PM
I'm running a single Voodoo2 1000 which does the same thing in Infernal as you describe. I have Directx 7 with the 3dfx beta driver for Directx7 installed on my machine. Have you done this? I wonder if Directx 6.1 acts the same way? LucasArt's support site just reports that we will have problems with the colors running these types of accelerator cards and that's pretty much all they have to say about it. Fortunatly my main video card is a STB Velocity 4400 I can go into display settings in Infernal and select it as the primary adaptor to run the game on. No psychedelic colors there.

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