View Full Version : Dark Force 2 Enhance Jedi Kinght Recuiting

02-20-2003, 06:50 AM
Hi where looking for people to fill the current open possition to keep this mod going

To work on recreating the orginal maps in the Jo engine

To work on skins for charcters and objects we have some models waiting to be skinned

2D Texture Artists
To work on menus and Textures for the levels

3D Modellers
To work on various characters and static object

With some knolage of the Jo code and C++

Voice actors
where looking for male anf female voice actors

any one intressed please contact me here NwO Reaper1576 (reaper@nwo2k.net)
or post here in our forums
Dark Forces 2 Enhanced Jedi knight (http://www.nwo2k.net/df2e/)