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If anyone wants to make a Fan Fiction about the Dark Forces / Jedi Knight series, ill be happy to put it on my site:


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I wrote this last year, never gave it to you at SW.com... Well, it is unfinished and don't expect an ending. It takes place between the original DF and JK, hence it being a prelude to the Force... Just an action filled story just like the video games. Feel free to post it. The below is chapter 1.

Kyle Katarn rounded the corner of a graffiti filled wall as two red blaster bolts flew where his head had just been, and pounded into a neon-lit sign outside the entrance of a cantina. Kyle had been to Nar Shaddaa once before, on an assignment to steal the navigation card of one of Jabba the Hutt’s cargo ships from the Empire while working to terminate the Darktrooper project. It was no more than a year since he had destroyed the Arc Hammer, the mobile factory for the super-robotic stormtroopers, and he was on his newest assignment: to steal a prototype weapon that the Empire was planning to issue to their basic troops, the Rail Detonator.
Kyle was short on breath, but continued to run from the gang of three-eyed Grans that had chased him from the landing pad he started on. After getting out of sight of his pursuers, Kyle produced a small, silver thermal detonator from his pouch. He thumbed the switch and tossed it around the corner, heard the explosion, followed by the gurgling moan of death that the aliens made. Although he had just finished off his pursuers, Kyle didn’t slow his pace.
He pulled from his holster his modified Bryar pistol, and cocked back the hammer as he ran into a large cargo hold filled with crates and shipping machinery. He heard several blaster discharges, and glanced back. A pair of Grans charged at him, firing their weapons without even taking the time to aim. Kyle took advantage of their recklessness and sent two well aimed bolts into each of the alien’s chests, falling them both.
Just as Kyle had done so, a large blast door slowly creaked open, revealing the entrance to what appeared to be the gang’s lair. Over a dozen Grans poured out of it, swinging their fists, tossing thermal detonators, or firing their aging blasters at him. Without a moments thought, Kyle hit the metal ground and rolled to the cover of a large crate while firing several shots at them with his pistol at point blank range. He heard several thumps onto the hard surface, but the blaster fire continued. Kyle slapped a fresh clip into the Bryar pistol and dashed from his hiding place.
As he managed to fire several shots, the blast door started to close. Kyle bit his lower lip as he picked up speed and jumped into the now narrow opening. As Kyle hit the ground hard, he heard the loud slam of the doors shut behind him. Darkness surrounded him, as he got up and holstered his blaster. He found a small door in front of him that led to a brightly lit room, with two motionless beings lying on the expensive couch that was positioned in the corner of the room. Other than that, the room was vacant. Kyle looked more closely at the two, slowly recognizing who they were. They were both human, one a heavy male, the other, a young female.
The man was the Imperial weapons expert, Moff Rebus, who designed the weapons used for the Darktroopers. He was the designer of the two weapons planned for issuing to field troopers, the Repeater Rifle and the newest, the Rail Detonator. Kyle looked at the floor to see puddles of dirty clothes and broken dishes scattered across the bright orange carpet. He licked his lips as he made his way across the room, to his primary objective, the prototype that was displayed behind a glass case. Upon arrival to the case he heard the girl stir in her sleep, and turned around to face her. She opened her mouth and screamed, falling off the couch. Rebus woke up, and pushed the sheets onto the girl and got up. They wore nothing but their underwear, and found a pair of expensive silk robes and put them on. Rebus narrowed his eyes at Kyle and approached him.
Kyle trained his Bryar pistol on his head, cocked back the hammer, and warned in a gruff voice, “Take one more step, and I’ll put a hole right between your eyes.”
The fat man stopped, and looked back to see the girl raise her hands into the air and slowly approach him.
“Stop,” Kyle said to the girl, backing up to the case that the prototype weapon was in. He took out an Imperial blaster rifle and aimed it at the two, while bashing the handle of his Bryar pistol into the glass, shattering it. The girl started shaking as Kyle approached them both, giving them a merciless smile, “You know, the Rebels don’t need you alive. I could shoot you both right here and leave.”
Rebus blinked, clearly frightened at the moment. Then his fat cheeks parted and he showed a bright smile, “Go ahead. With Rebel scum like you, I wouldn’t doubt you’re lying.”
Kyle was taken aback by this, and lowered his weapon; looked at the two, and then said into the headset he wore, “Jan? This is Kyle. I’ve got the prototype, and I’m on my way back.”
A sweet, soft voice crackled through the speakers, “Good work Kyle. Get back to the rendezvous, and hurry.”
“Right,” Kyle said. He holstered his Bryar pistol and walked past the two, and then the door he came through opened. Two ferocious Grans burst in, swinging their powerful fists into Kyle. One scored the Rebel Alliance agent, and as Kyle hit the floor, he saw the girl and Rebus escape through another door that was sealed of by several blast doors. Rebus had escaped, but Kyle could still succeed his mission without them. He tore the blaster pistol from its holster, and sent a pair of red bolts out of its muzzle, sending his attackers in a retreat. He pulled the trigger twice more, and finished them off before they could escape.
He got up, and shook the dizziness from his head, and then left the room. He was soon greeted by a whole mob of Grans, and decided his best choice was to run. The man rolled under them and fired a round of shots below them, and got up in the cargo hanger. As he ascended a ramp up to a landing pad, Kyle screamed to his mission-officer, “Jan! Get me out of here!”
“On my way.”
Kyle ran through the open doorway to the rooftop of the building he was in and returned blaster fire to the Grans. He could hear the wailing of an engine that belonged to the Corellian Courier-class ship, the Moldy Crow. Scarlet bolts of lethal energy flew from its bottom gun turret, downing the majority of the Grans.
Two bolts hit the bow of the Crow, forcing Kyle to turn back and protect his escape. One last Gran stood there, and before Kyle could realize his mistake, the alien pulled the trigger. In an instant, Kyle felt a hot red bolt of burning power go through his chest. He fell down, and dropped both his blaster and the prototype weapon. After hitting the cold surface of the roof, everything went black.

02-20-2003, 03:46 PM
Kyle’s eyes snapped open as he felt a jet stream of bubbles run along his naked skin. He was floating in a thick, warm liquid that stung his eyes, but made him feel surprisingly well. Slowly, he recognized where he was. At first, he thought he was dead, but soon realized he was in a bacta tank, one that was located in the infirmary of the Mon Calamari Cruiser, Independence. He looked around, looking at all the faces that were staring at him with intent concern. After putting names to the faces, he looked above him at a now opening hatch on the top of the machine, and kicked his feet to swim up and to get out.
He was helped up by the gentle grip of a medical droid, 6-1B, and removed the facemask that he breathed through while in the tank. Two women walked up to him, and he knew them both. The one in front was older; she was wearing brilliant white robes and had had auburn hair. Mon Mothma, one of the leaders of the Rebel Alliance and the woman who had hired Kyle originally to aid in locating the original death star plans that helped destroy the Imperial battle station at the Battle of Yavin that took place a little more than a year ago. The younger woman, that treaded lightly behind Mothma was Kyle’s mission officer and the one person he could truly call his friend, Jan Ors.
Kyle coughed up some of the bacta he had been floating in, and wiped some of the liquid from his mouth with the back of his hand. He looked up at the two and was helped up by Jan. Not knowing what to say, he just stood there. Mothma broke the silence, “We were so pleased to see you back here Kyle. You have contributed to our cause with more than we could pay you. I’m sure you’ll be glad to know that your mission was a success. Rebel scientists now are observing the weapon you stole. Of coarse, as with your request, Jan will debrief you for further details.”

“You had us all shaken up there for a moment, Kyle,” Jan Ors said, while slipping on her greasy gloves that were bundled into a bunch on top of an orange barrel full of fuel. The two Rebel agents stood on a catwalk that was suspended above one of the two main hangers of the Mon Calamari Cruiser. Their Corellian Courier-class ship, the Moldy Crow, was being fueled and repaired by a group of rebel technicians.
Kyle licked his lips and managed a nod, “Well, you weren’t the only one shaken up. I guess that death mark that Jabba the Hutt put on my head is still active.”
Jan nodded, “Maybe so, but Alliance Intelligence concluded that those Grans that were after you are Imperial assassins. They must have been brain washed or something, but you can expect to see a lot more of them where you’re headed.”
“What?” Kyle asked, stepping onto a small lift, “Where am I going exactly?”
Jan smiled, and stepped on it after him, “Unknown right now, but you should pray that the death mark you referred to is not still around, because then you’ll have to deal with all sorts of goons to get to Rebus.”
Kyle walked off the elevator after it reached the hangar floor, and headed over to the Crow, Jan walking beside him, “I’m going after Rebus again?”
Jan nodded, “Well, don’t expect it to be as easy to infiltrate as his hideout at Anoat. I’m sure some Imps as well as those Grans will be waiting for you.”
Kyle moved his hand along the cold, carbon-scored belly of his ship and shook his head, “I could have gotten him at Nar Shaddaa, but I was occupied with the Grans. He was there, and he definitely recognized me. He was there with a girl to. If Mon Mothma had told me to get them, I would have.”
“The Alliance authorities had no idea they’d be there. The girl, his girl friend, is Xazalia Crashaan. She is working with him and has developed the ammunition and the weapon’s launcher,” Jan said. She pushed a lock of black hair from her eyes and climbed onboard the Crow. Kyle followed and sat behind the pilot’s seat.
“So,” Kyle said, “It’s a projectile weapon?”
Jan nodded, and flipped a pair of switches into an on-position and the lights on the control systems lit up to life, “The weapon you found, the Rail Detonator, is some sort of explosive missile launcher that grabs hold of the enemy, and blows up on impact. Rebel analyzers, the same who had examined those other prototypes you stole, the repeater-rifle and the Darktrooper weapon, have concluded that they can easily be jammed up. Only because they’re prototypes though, and Rebus can easily correct the error. But, the fact that it can jam easily is what gives us a chance to blow a major hole into the production of this project. That is of coarse if you can get the two weapons technicians back here alive.”
Kyle smiled, and rubbed his newly bearded chin, “Well, this beard might help in my disguise. When exactly am I going to pull this off?”
Jan pulled down the goggles atop her head over her eyes, “Next week. In the mean time you and I are going to escort a Rebel espionage ship, Freedom Fighter, out from the Anoat system.”
“Oh?” Kyle asked, surprised. They watched the technicians that had just finished their work on the Moldy Crow back away, and wave to them.
Jan nodded again, “Two rookie agents, former mercenaries, and no love for the Empire. Sound familiar?”
Kyle couldn’t help laugh, “Well, we’d better set off then. As we both remember, people of that sort can get into a lot of trouble.”
Jan laughed aloud and replied, while pulling back the lever to lift off, “You’re the boss.”

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“This is Beduch of the Rebel Blockade Runner, Freedom Fighter. Come in Moldy Crow.”
“The voice of a rebel agent crackled through the speakers that were in the Crow’s cockpit. Jan flipped on the radio switch, and responded, “This is the Moldy Crow. Was your mission a success?”
“It sure was. We’re also glad you came when you did, because we’ve got some TIE-Fighters right on our tail.”
Jan responded while powering the gun turret on the belly of the ship, “Keep your present course and we’ll keep those Imps off your back.”
“Of coarse. We’ve got some gunners in the turrets as well.”
Kyle sat behind Jan and watched as a squadron of TIEs moved in on them, their green lasers soaring toward them. Jan pulled the Crow up, avoiding all of the blaster bolts. She rolled to the left, and let out two red blaster bolts at one of the TIEs, tearing the wings off from the cockpit. She watched as two swooped down and blasted at the Freedom Fighter, but the gun turrets made them into floating debris. Jan let out another round of fire, and managed to hit the leader. That left only four more TIEs, all from the other squadron.
The Blockade Runner scored only one, before a stray green bolt pounded into the quad-cannon and destroyed it. Jan let out a last bolt, and it hit right into the cockpit of a TIE, and made it implode into a brief ball of flames. The remaining two continued their attack on the Blockade Runner, and was soon destroyed by an X-Wing that streaked into the battlefield.
Jan’s brow furrowed in confusion, “X-Wing, identify yourself.”
“This is Rouge 12. Looks like my astromech calculated the coordinates wrong. I see you needed assistance though and figured: Hey, we’re all on the same side, why not lend a hand.”
The spy that was onboard the Freedom Fighter responded, “The stars are looking down upon us. Thanks for your help Moldy Crow and Rouge 12.”
“No problem, Freedom Fighter. Meet you back at the fleet, Freedom Fighter” Jan said, before pulling back the lever that activated the hyperdrive.

Kyle stepped into the quarters of Jan Ors, sat down on a couch, and put his feet up on the glass surface of her coffee table. She walked in behind him, and sat in the recliner that was located across from him, “Mon Mothma has informed me of the data that those rookie agents got. It has been deciphered and has the location of Rebus and how to get in.”
Kyle shrugged, “Well?”
Jan sat back in the chair, “Well, the data shows that Rebus has hidden himself high in the control tower of Dolka’s Hed, an Imperial spaceport on Ord Mantell. Of course, that means we aren’t just flying in there. You’ll have to stowaway on an Imperial shuttle, get through the cargo holds, and then out onto the surface. You can pretty much expect what you found at Ramsees Hed on Cal-Seti.”
“Oh, boy,” Kyle mumbled, rolling his eyes, “Fun. And then what?”
“Avoid any bounty hunters of Jabba’s, try to find a way into the Imperial control tower, and get Rebus and Xazalia. Once you have them, get up onto the roof for your ride home.”
Kyle digested this for a moment, and then asked, “How am I going to stow away on an Imperial shuttle? You aren’t referring to the same shuttle I stole on the Arc Hammer, are you?”
Jan nodded, “Nope. Unfortunately, that shuttle has been in use by us for to long, and the Imps have identified it. We’ll use it to fly into the fuel station Zeta, though; however, you’ll have the challenge of hijacking another shuttle, shuttle AA-16.
“Once you’re team, Beduch and Duke, has it hot wired, they will fly to Dolka’s Hed, land deep beneath the surface, and drop you off. After you’re out, you’re on your own until you’re ready for me to pick you up on the roof of the control tower in the Crow.
“I’m pretty sure the cargo holds is where you’ll find most of those brain-washed Gran assassins, and I’m sure you can get by with the fake Imperial I.D. that Intelligence has cooked up for you. Your name will be Rafael Khan, an Imperial smuggler, and you should get past any Imps until you’re in the tower. Got it?”
“Great, assassins, bounty hunters, and the Imps; my best friends.”
The two smiled, and then left the room together.

Kyle stepped off the landing platform of the Imperial shuttle that was sitting in the corner of a hanger full of similar ships, each one guarded by a single stormtrooper. Kyle felt his stomach twist, hoping that he would not need to pull his weapon from its holster. Behind him, the two Rebels in the black uniform of an Imperial officer, and stopped behind him. The one to Kyle’s right, Beduch, whispered to him as an Imperial officer in brown walked forward to them, “Let’s just hope this works, Commander, or we’ll be in trouble up to our necks.”
Kyle nodded, and then pulled his I.D. to show to the officer, but the side-burned Imperial pulled out his hand blaster. Kyle swallowed, “What is it officer?”
The man frowned, and pulled out some binders from his belt, “This shuttle has been identified as being in the hands of the Rebels. You will be escorted to the brig until we can clear this up.”
Beduch before stepped forward, “And what if we refuse? We have pressing matters to attend to.”
The officer leveled his blaster out at the Rebels’ heads, and cocked the hammer of his melee weapon, “Then I have the unsavory duty of killing you all.”
“Well,” Kyle said, nodding. He looked to his left, and then to his right, and then said, “Well, ok, sir…”
He ripped his Bryar pistol from the holster on his left hip, and fired a single shot into the Imperial’s abdomen. He screamed aloud, and rolled onto his back after hitting the ground. Kyle and the two Rebels walked over him, and fired their weapons at the stormtroopers that had turned to engage them all. Kyle aimed his short-range weapon at a stormtrooper, and fired it at him. The Imperial stormtrooper fell over, his white plastoid making a clatter after hitting the durasteel surface of the hanger.
“Great!” Kyle shouted, “The shuttle we’re after is on the other side of this station, and we’re already in trouble up to our necks. I don’t know how much more of it we can get into!”

What the??? Sorry, Alehal. I did have more. My disk is corrupt! If you want the rest, go to Fan Fiction (http://www.fanfiction.net) and click find. Type in the search bar for Pen Name, Riv-Lyn Veers. 2 stories are under it. One is the Dark Nemesis story I just posted here last night, and the other is the rest of this...

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awesome :) want me to put it up on the site?

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Go for it.

Look at that edit in my last post. There is more of this you can post, plus a few more (alot better) Kyle stories. Just email the author for permission and I'm sure you can have a larger selection in your fan fic library. ;)