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01-17-2000, 04:16 PM
I'm very stuck. Can't seem to get by the part where you have to push a button to open the door and then have to run/jump your way up and over a raving, over a dragons tongue before you can enter the door. However, the door always shuts just as I jump the tongue - have done it at least a hundred times now. there must be a cheat on this or someother way round!! Help please

01-17-2000, 07:05 PM
You may want to post this question under the Strategy/Hints board.


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01-17-2000, 11:13 PM

Saw your post and better remembered where you are stuck. It is all a matter of timing... as in you've got to run the entire time and CANNOT hesitate. No cheat. No super secret. Just supreme confidence.

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