View Full Version : I FOUND A GLITCH!

01-18-2000, 08:15 PM
Heya everyone. I just wanted to let everyone about a really funny glitch that i found on Indy. I've only tested this on the babylon level, so i dont know if itll work anywhere else. Go stand next to a wall or something, and turn around till the camera goes inside your body, then press f10, and type in the code that usually turns you into guybrush threepwood from monkey island 3 (makemeapirate)...after this come out of the view that goes inside you, and you will be a crate. Its hilarious. It only last for like 5 seconds...then after that the just closes like you had normally exited it. But the time that it does show it it is funny, becuase you can move around and everything as the crate...i love it. If you want to see this without trying it out in the game...i have a picture of it posted...its not as noticable in the pic...but heres the link http://www.angelfire.com/hi/Hackerking3000/indycr8.gif

Peace out everyone

Your just jealous that the voices talk to me.