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01-12-2000, 11:11 PM
Ok we all know Indy could whip lara's ass, but could he take Han Solo??

I think it would be a good battle but in the end Indy would win. I think Indy could take more of a beating than Han can, but thats just my opinoin!!

What do u Think!!!!!!

Shaggiana Joe
01-13-2000, 01:30 AM
Han is a starship captain that has taken on aliens and lived well into his 30s. He worked for the empire, the Hutts, the Corellia Star Syndicate and Warsies know what else. However, just at the thought of being tortured in ESB, he screams out in anticipation. His blaster seems to go through tough military body armor, and he seems to have luck on his side, or it may be the fact that looking through a stormtrooper helmet is like looking through coke bottles. The worst thing that happened to him was that he got really hot for a second, then really cold in that metal stuff Boba Fett took him to Jabba in. However, he has some pretty bad assed back-up: Chewbacca the Wookie. Need I say more?

Indiana Jones has been globe trotting since he was 11, speaks a dozen languages, writes and reads 2 dozen more. He's a good shot, and he can really take torture as proven by Mola Ram. His gun has been known to rip through 5 Nazis in a single shot when they were all lined up, and he's pretty good with kangaroo skin bullwhip. His back-up, however, sucks, as it is a 10 year old Chinese kid named Short Round. He's a pretty good melee fighter, and an ok pilot, just a little rough with landing. He has found Atlantis, the Holy Grail, the Shan Graii stones, the Ark of the Covenant, the Crystal Skull of Teomiwatua, and lots of other good stuff.

These statistics pitted against one another, I think Indy would kick Han's butt 6 ways to Tattooine. We don't get to see throw a punch except once at Billy Dee Williams, but hey, that's not fair, he was buzzed on Colt 45! Once again, the good doctor wins. However, if he went up against, say, Darth Vader... Yikes.

Hey, it's my turn to pull off the mask, Scoob.

01-14-2000, 01:16 AM
Ok. I'll enter this hypothetical fray... realizing that both Indy and Han are heroic archtypes (and cool to boot). And with this stipulation in mind: I am referring to the Han from ANH and Indy during the ToD.

Remember the cantina scene... A cool, collected and calculating Mr. Solo versus a certain green bounty hunter? Ring any bells?!

Of course, if you match the ToD era Indy with the lovesick puppy era Han of ESB, Indy could conceivably win a fist fight. Any other type of fight (especially involving a sidearm) goes to Han.

...but I'm not dead, really

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Shaggiana Joe
01-14-2000, 08:20 PM
That green guy didn't see it coming, Iron. If Indy didn't know there'd be a fight, then yeah, Han would probably win, but that's still not a fair fight. Fist fight, definately Indy, gun fight, probably Indy, unfair gunfight, Han.

01-14-2000, 11:53 PM
Oh come on. There's no such thing as a "fair" fight. If violence must be resorted to, it's fight to win... and both Han and Indy know how to do that.

As for a fair gunfight, if you follow SW lore, Han is one of the (his) galaxy's premiere quick draws. (And were not talking under the table shots either!)

Of course, Jack Ryan would kick both their butts...(If you follow!)

...but I'm not dead, really

Wes Janson
01-19-2000, 01:02 AM
My opinion? Well, the both of them would probably too freaked out just looking at each other; much less fight. I mean, how would YOU react if you went against someone who looks exactly like you?

I bet the two of them would probably try to figure out just what the heck's going on before they start delivering some knuckle sandwitches.

- Janson