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02-21-2003, 05:20 PM
If anyone wants to set up matches between eachother in games, this is the place.

I'll play anyone at Battlefield 1942(Once the new patch is released) and I suppose I'll play UT2K3, but I have barely played it at all because of the server browser so I won't be overly good. I'll kick your butts at BF 1942 though:P.

02-21-2003, 05:35 PM
When I get things set up for myself.......we'll play. :)

Is there a demo of BF 1942? I think i'd like to play it a little before I decide to buy it. :)

02-21-2003, 05:39 PM
Ya there is, but note that the demo isn't patched up to date, so it will be laggier, more unbalanced, etc. The new patches are better, except for the tech bugs, which will be fixed soon(Actually I worked fine with the new patchs, but a mod triggered bad things in the patch that others were experiencing...its a long story). Its not as bad as I make it out to be, the new patch just makes(For me, not most people) the text all super bold so its hard to read. I could still play but I'm a perfectionist. So I wait.

I could train you if you like. I'm one of the best players I know- I'm techniclly only listed in the top 13% at www.bfstats.com but thats partially because I haven't played in a while- I'm often in the top 8%. But since its rated on teamplay, the poor sports who always join the winning team will be ranked higher. Also, people in good clans will be ranked higher, since their team will almost always win. So among clanless good sports I'm one of the best:). I won't be clanless once I develop some social skills but that could take a while.

Here's a starting tip: Medics rule. Most people run off and grab the Assault class because they have the best weapon, but medics can not only heal teammates, they can heal themselves too. So if you fight someone in assault you come away hurt, and unless theres a nearby med cabinet(And levels are large so there rarely will be, and this isn't the land of the magical floating health packs) they will be hurt in their next fight and probably lose. If your good enough to win each fight with medic, you can go forever without dieing- the other day I got 29 points and 21 kills before I died a single time, incredible in a game with no health packs(It would be easier to do in UT then in BF 1942. Espescially since you won't be a medic vs. multiple tanks in UT. Thats never a good situation).

02-22-2003, 01:40 AM
Hmm, I've been considering getting BF:1942 for awhile now...

I'll tell you what, Aerothorn, if I get it, do I qualify for training? :D

It'd be nice to know what I'm doing when I start a game.


02-22-2003, 12:23 PM
Yes. Infantry combat is pretty easy to get the hang off once you get accustomed to the semi realism(i.e. this is not UT 2003. Shooting the bazooka at an infanty person will kill them with a direct hit but it would be very hard to hit and would take forever to reload. Its made for anti tanks.). Driving tanks and ships is very intuitive too. The hardest part is getting used to flying- its not like flight sim hard, but it takes a little while to get used to, and you will be MUCH better if you use a joystick- its a pain to lug it off and on the keyboard area, but its worth it since I stand a chance against other joystick users.

The best thing though is there are enough different areas that you can totally stink in one area and still be quite good overall. I specilize in infantry combat and armor(tanks) myself.

My weakest points are probably sniping and flying(I'm an above average dogfighter, but its still probably weaker then my other points, except sniping). Sniping is very difficult because its not instaneneous like some games- it takes the bullet a second or so to hit the target so you gotta lead a little bit. Bullets also fall some. Can be quite difficult. A good sniper can rack up kills like crazy, though.

A good starting class is Assault. Once you get better you'll want to move to Medic most likely, though there are situations where you'll want to use Assault. Anti tank is only good if your expecting to go up against enemy tanks, and even then you'll need protection from infantry. Engineer can do a lot of stuff, its very versatile, so if your expecting to go against ground vehicles hes your man(He can lay mines, set up explosive tracks that he can exlpode at the press of the plunger, repair vehicles, and has a sniper rifle without the scope).