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02-22-2003, 12:56 AM
Prologue: The Demon Plague
((I thought of this nice story line here, after I sort of got an idea of making a sort of story from one of Redwing's RPG ideas. So I'd like to try one out. The basis is still quite on the Fantasy side.

Like always with RPGís here:

 No god-modeing
 No killing other people's characters in one post (unless permitted)
 Post bio in first post

My rule

 Be orginal chose your own types of reasonable demonic mutations.

This isn't a SW story, it takes place around now, and yes here, on Earth. If your not sure what's going on from this point please read ^_^))

((*BTW to save my ass for any official trouble* (heh, heh) *this rpg is fictional, in nature: P Hence It cannot happen*))

*April 2002*
*The US Gov. and a few NATO evolved Gov.'s participate in a secret project for global biological warfare. Their project was to create a Universal Anti-Viral/Anti-Chemical vaccination on the global scale, that would spread to all corners of the globe with in days of its release. *

*November 2002*
*The project was going well, test subjects shown that their health had improved after they had been exposed with mildly harmful gasses and toxins. What the vaccination was turning out to be was a genetic cure for most harmful substances. However for the fact of the experimental vaccination was one on the genetical level, it was still labeled toxic. During this time there was an order for this toxin to be massively produced in the event of a biological attack on the United States and/or the rest of the world. *

*Mid November 2002*
*While the main source to the toxin had to be moved for a larger scale of testing, via tankers on rail-road cars, for it was the fastest way for it to be sent. The train head of it on another track that ran beside it was derailed. The train that had been carrying the tanker-by-tanker filled of the massively produced vaccination, was also doomed, for the distance was far too short for that train to slow down. That train too, crashed and derailed. *

*The tankers fell over, but only a small amount had been released, effecting a small local town in New York state. It hadnít been long till the whole town was quarantined. How ever it was only 2 days later that it was proven safe and Government officials left. Another two days later, a single death occurred. The body was of a Male 19 or 20 years of age. In the morgue the body was quickly guarded by army personal in biological suits, while a group of FEMA agents where bound to arrive. *

*Soon after the tankers holding the rest of the chemical vaccination, which was picked up and continued its transit, sprung leaks and the entire vaccination was released on the world. The FEMA agents stopped their transit and pursued to the site where the tankers leaked...*

*14 Hours later in the morgue where the body lay, guards hear a banging from inside...*

Guard 1: "What do you think that was?"

Guard 2: "Donno, better check it out..."

*The to guards open the door where the body was, and the person was alive! *

???: "It's cold..."

Guard 1: "Medic!"


*A day later everyone in the world was in frenzy about the coming 'doom'. Everyone said his or her good-byes as the chemical spread around the world. *

*Four days later, approx. 1/5th of a percent of the worlds population mysteriously died, and with out notice. Everyone else was puzzled upon these events. The male whom died nearly 5 days before was still half awake and being interview by FEMA agents... He didn't feel like answering a thing, nothing absorbed in.*

*Fourteen hours later, after all the people's bodies where presumed dead. They all awoke, just as mysteriously as they died...*

*The world shrugged if off like another widespread hoax, and forgot about it. But the people whom had died, Their new lives had just begun...*


December 12th, 2002

My name is David Stevenson, I started to crate this diary to possibly describe in my own words that had been happening to me. I was the first one to be effected by the chemical. As of two weeks ago I experienced pain all over my body, its undesirable. Doctors cannot find anything what's causing it. All I can say that its getting worse, for one I'm afraid I wont make it till Christmas...

December 16th, 2002

my pains had increased like I noted in my last entry. How ever I had also noticed an increase of muscle mass from all over my body. Perhaps trying to struggle off what ever is haunting me. I'm still don't know what's going on...
One thing had occurred to me, is that all the people whom also had been effected also had been going through their own changes themselves.
Tomorrow I will see a specialist whom Iíll ask for a blood test and see what's going on.

December 19th, 2002

Pains have still gotten worse. The doctor said that I had a certain rare gene that triggered some-sort of mutation. My parents are not sure what the quack says, at least I believe him.
Although something new today has happened... I finally got relief with out painkillers. I took this time to test my strength. Honestly I never thought I could bench-press 220lbs from 75 in less then 3 weeks!

Dec 26, 2002

pains have gotten severe. The last few days I was passed out. I had great pains in my upper back. But when I came to the pain was gone, like almost that I chose it not to be there.

Jan 10th, 2003

something happened to me over the last few days. I'm a freak, its like I grew a pair of demonic pair of wings. No one knows of this yet. But I'm trying the best I can to hide them. I even wear a trenchcoat now to hide them!

Jan 11th, 2003

Those bastards, there's a large group of the people like me whom have similar demonic deformities. They called themselves: "The Forgotten angels". The bastards are killing innocent people and military-alike. There's definitely someone out there that has to stop them, it seems that I have to, I just wonder if there is anyone who might read this that would help...

02-22-2003, 01:32 AM
*Present day. *

*A News program...*

Anchorman: "Today an update on the hostage takeover of the First national bank of New York City. The group is none other then the infamous 'Forgotten Angels'. The people whom had been severely genetically altered by the 'Gas of November 25th'."

2nd anchorman: "The terrorist group is supposedly lead by the person known as 'Davin' which officials tells us was formerly known as 'David Stevenson'. Which for some reason the group denied relations with such person." *Pauses* "This just in: It seems that the groupís leader had personally telephoned us."

*Picture showing of "Divanís Name and a image of the group's insignia. Also showing a picture in picture of the bank being held. *

Davin: "For the last time you people, I have nothing to do with this damned group. I'm surprised that I wake every mourning in an attempt to keep my damn good name intact by trying to go after these *******s myself! *click*"

Anchorman: "Well, that was interesting. Even thought we had already been informed by Government officials not to follow anything said by any form the terrorists to the public."

*Davin turns off his portable TV, while still inside the telephone booth. In the background showing the bank in the distance. Swat teams and National Guard had already arrived...*

Name: David Stevenson AKA 'Davin'
Age: 19
Brief hist: Was the first person to have the mutations to occur to him... The government had branded him a murder and a terrorist leader of the cult known as 'The Forgotten Angels', even after multiple times the group had said that they didn't have anything to do with Davin. Davin is a fugitive and a vigilante of exterminating all those whom have the similar 'curse' that he has...
Mutations: Increased strength, Increased agility, Flight (wings), body alteration (controlled amount of how 'Demonic' would look like. the more, the better the strength and agility will be. However it'll hurt Davin more then normal passive increases)

*Currently wearing the same trenchcoat, to cover some metal body armor along with various bullet-proof armor, along with a sawed-off 12-gauge shotgun and a long iron sword. *

*Keeping the hood up, he walks over to the site...*

02-23-2003, 12:09 PM
[Interesting Idea]


Name: Xander Bulitov Aka "Bullet"
Age: 17
Bio: Bulitov was raised by English parents in New York. He was an intelligent misfit, and now even more so. He has left home and family in an attempt to find out who he really is.
Mutations: A bizarre ability to control gravity around him. His eyes have turned completely black, and as such he wears sunglasses all the time. His skin also has a reddish tint, and two small horns have sproted on his head


*Bulitov watches the Army surround the site*

"Awww, damn. Figures. Never mind. They don't have any major anti-air"

*Bulitov flies away. He'd been near the bank, disguised as he made a withdrawal he needed to use on the journey.*

02-23-2003, 08:42 PM
((Well I was sorta saving the more 'intence' demonic traits to be when the person consentrate's his body, of course harming him/her more. Oh well ^_^, your character might have a minor tint of red.))

*Vigolently Davin walks right through some of that national guard.*

Guard holding an M16: "You there! Get back behind the line!"

*Davin turns slightly towards the guard, but not to look at him, but see another almost 'run-off'.*

Davin: *to guard, whom already had a few of his friends pointing their rifles at Davin* "And to shame, I came all this way to take care of those inside that'll almost make you all into,.. Hamburger meat!"

*The guard steps closer with the rifle.*


News reporter: "A resent development, someone has boldly walked in from the crowd, and right into the National Guard."

News reporter 2: "Indeed, it seems that the National Guard either wants him to back off, ot arrest him. Wiat a minute..."


*Davin hears from an earpiece: "[i]Davin what are you doing?? I told you to avoid the National Guard, not walk through them!!"

Davin: "Sorry Jes' but taking it the easy way, went away a few months ago..."

*A guard warns Davin again, Davin ignores. The guard advances to shoot, but Davin rapidly grabs the barrel of the rifle and tosses it away. He jumps up while other guard start to fire their rifles at Davin. The other 'demon-like' creatures watch from inside as the reckless fool, dodges all the National Gaurd's bullets. But Davin wasn't dodging the bullets, he was distracting the National guard to fire upon the building glass at the ones holding the civilians hostage! But not before Davin takes a few minor shots.*

*After they scamber, Davin pounces upon the glass and jumps right into the second floor, throwing off his trenchcoat, shows another one under it, not buttoned up. This trenchcoat was heavly modified, to allow his wings, currently recoiled through meditation, to outside them, as well as armour plating was attached. From with in had has a shoulder-strap full of grenades for a M-79 grenade launcher, which he also has...*

*He quickly pulls one out of the strap and loads it into the M-79.*

Davin: "Alright! Who wants some!?"

*The other demon-likes pull out their handguns and rifles at Davin, and open fire, the hostages quickly run out of the building. Davin jumps behind and back pressed to a desk, and cockly fires a grenade over his shoulder and reloads...*


News reporter: "Whoa! look at him! I mean... A intereting coninuation of events had occured, the man whom was stopped by National Guard, seemedly just dodged those rounds and directed them at the building, and jumped into the second floor!"


Davin: "Damnit, I knew retracting the wings were a bad idea..." *looks at a gunshot wound.* "F***, its not fatal. Oh well..." *fires M-79 again*


News reporter 2: "Never seen anything like it. The hostages are now exiting the building, and gun fire is being reported in."

*A flash from inside*

News reporter: "Was that an explosion??"

((think of this as a cross over between 'Devil may Cry' and Highlander, without the 'There can be only one...' deal :D))

02-24-2003, 08:49 PM
*Gun shots from Davin stop.*

Davin: "Okay then..."

*Davin straps the M-79 back onto his leg holister, and pulls out the saw-off shotgun. Afterthat he pulls out a box of shells.*

Davin: "Aah, my trusty 12 guage..."

*Davin opens the box, and gets pissed at what he saw.*

Davin: *talking into ear piece* "Jes! These are bird shot! I need bulk shot!"

???: *what davin hears through ear piece* "Sorry Davin! it was the best I could get in short notice!"

Davin: *back into earpiece* "Short notice? I might as well shoot point blank!"

*Clicks are heard behind Davin. Davin drops the shotgun, And stands up slowly...*

*He'd been held up, by 5 others holding their side-arms. Another four were dead by the explosions...*

Davin: "So, Lovely day isn't it?"

???: *from behind* "Yes, it is... Davin, Davin, Davin. It is hardly been 3 months sense we had all came into exsistence, but already we had all had our publicity already. But you seem to take a good portion of it, especally so young. regaurdless, finaly I meet you in person."

Davin: "Well its not hard, when they think that you'd orchastrate such parties like this. I take it that was a setup to get me out here right?"

???: "Very smart. At least your not a mindless grunt, like most would think..."

Davin: "It's gets ya on days like these, I just wouldn't want it to end on a bad note,.."

???: *laughs* "Your humorious. Antoher fine trait."

02-25-2003, 01:45 PM
*Bulitov spots Davin below. This is the man he has been looking for. The man who seems to have all the answers. He then sees that several men with firearms are surrounding him.

Bulitov clenches his fist. A sphere appears behind the ringleader. It is a very weak singularity. It cannot absorb light or time, and can only attract objects near to it. (Xander isn't nearly that strong) Nevertheless, it is enough to drag the men down. He then unclenches his fist and drags Davin up, skyward in front of him*

Bulitov: I see those chaps had a bone to pick with you. As you can probably see, I'm like you. I've been looking for others like me.

02-25-2003, 02:00 PM
((Although Davin appears human right now, w/o the wings out (becuase he can retract them) it wouldnt mean that another wouldnt notice whom he really is ;)))

Davin: "Thanks... But hold on a second..."

*Davin calms himself for a moment. Then he clentches his teeth and grunts like a wave of pain when through him, as his demonic wings sprouted in his upper back.*

Davin: "You can let go of me now, I can fly with my own strength. I need to find out whom that guy is. He started this to lure me out, and now I want to pumble answer out of him."

02-26-2003, 01:55 PM
*Bulitov holds the gravity on Davin*

"Please...don't leave. I want to know...why did this happen to me? I don't understand anything anymore, but you seem to. Besides...it's not like he has to go anywhere..."

02-26-2003, 03:58 PM
Davin: "Tell you what, you sound like a trusting person... Let me take care of this, then I'll tell you later, I guarentee it.

02-27-2003, 03:34 PM
*Bulitov sighs*

Bulitov: Ok...but don't go far.

*He sets Davin down*

02-27-2003, 06:39 PM
Davin: "Thanks. I'll do you a favor..." *Turns, and speaks holding his hand so that his voice can be hear in the earpeice* "Jes, you see me? Good, pick this guy up for me. I don't care, this guy seems trustworthy. at least he desurves an explaination..."

*Davin starts walking back down to the bank, which the national gaurd had mostly left. At the same time an unmarked Van drives right up to Bulitov.*

*Sitting in the Van was a young female in her early twenties, she motions Bulitov to get in quickly.*

*Davin pulls out the M79 again and reloads it, after that he pulls out the Iron sword, and holds it firmly. Doing so, and runs and extends his wings, and jumps up beinging to fly rapidly towards the bank.*


Name: Jessica Lawreen Thompson "Jes"
Age: 21
Bio: Knowing a quite a bit in electronics and Intel gathering, Jes acts as a support for Davin on various missions. She also tries to keep up good sponsers to support them both, regaurdless of Davin's reckless behavor.
Mutaitons: None


02-28-2003, 01:44 PM
*Bulitov enters the van and sits down*

"I'm Xander Bulitov. I take it you're Jes. Can you tell me what is going on?

*He then notices a key feature*

"You're not like me and Davin, are you?"

02-28-2003, 08:21 PM
Jes: "No, but i'm a good friend..."

*Jes drives the van to a safe spot...*

Jes: "Here's the deal: There was that universial vaccene that the UN made a few months ago, which co-encidently there was that chemical leak that was thought was a world-wide biological attack. Surprisingly all the countries wer ein so much shock over it, there was no war! Everyone droped everything and was with their families. But after the mist cleared, no effections, no deaths, NOTHING!"


*Davin jumps into the bank again, and fires the next grenade at two demons, killing them instantly. The other two Davin quickly disbatched with intense blows to critical area's with Davin's sword...*

*The fifth demon, claped...*

???: "Good, very good." *looking at Davin's appearence*


Jes: *continuing* "How ever, that same chemical was infact the vaccene, it was disigned as a genetical 'cure' for everything, and it was also made so it traveled the wind currents at encredible speeds." *pausing for a sec.* "Two days before the incident, that vaccene flooded into both of mine and Davin's home town. it town was quarentined. We were all treated like we had been exposed to serious chemicals in the air. Also no illness, or deaths, infact a good precentage of people were feeling better then they have in their lives. However, in Davin's sitiation, four days later he flat out passed out, his reparation was at 0, heart rate, also, just a very very small portion of brain activity. Fourteen hours later, just as mysteriously he had been when he fallen to the gentic vaccene, he awoken. two days later, about 1.2 mil roughtly we had counted had the same experience."


???: "There's the demon I'd hoped for to see..."

Davin: *raising sword, pointing at strange man* "What the hell do you want!?"

???: "You have no clue what could happen to you. It all depends how you put the basis on your life..."

Davin: "What?"

???: "Choose hope instead of dispair, redemption might be in your grasp. Choose dispair, you might lead us all into damnation."

Davin: "I don't lead no one..."


Jes: "It's a certain gene that all of us have, its just that its rare that some of us have that gene active. That gene reacted with that chemical called a vaccene, and it mutated all those whom had the active gene."


*??? spreads his own wings, and holds out his own sword.*

???: "Damnation or Prosperity! Your choice!"

*??? charges at Davin, whom is prepared for an attack.*

03-02-2003, 03:15 PM
Bulitov: That's not what happened to me...I don't really remember...but I remember some men came to my school when I was 12...


"They came into my class"

G-Man: I take it you are their teacher

Mr Smith: Yes...

G-Man: Which is Alexander Bulitov? We want to give him his reward for coming top in the special test...


"Then they put my in their car and took me into an office building. But the lift went down, not up. When I had enough courage to question, I was put unconscious. Then I remember pain, screaming. There were others. They held us down. Then they...hurt my head. And then I woke up in my bedroom with a certificate of intelligence." But I never went to no ceremony. Aparently my dad "taped over it".

03-02-2003, 05:56 PM
Jes: "How interesting, seems you were apart of another experiment, unless Davin hasn't told me everything. Becuase I know for a fact that there is a certain gene in all of our genetic structures that is envolved with that."

*the battle continues*

Davin: What the hell are you talking about?"

???: "What? And reveal what you must find out yourself?"

Davin: "Frankly, I'm sick fo this bull****."

*The two run and clang their swords together, sparks fly as each move past each other, both landing about 15 feet apart. Davin quickly preforms an hidden action while they are bot turned.*


Jes: "Oh no! I forgot about Davin!"

*Jes puts on a pair of headphones and presses a button.*

Jes: "Davin!? You there!? Davin!?!"


*??? turns and sees Davin extending out the M79 and an empty cartage bouncing on ther floor.*

???: "Well, I'm surprised."

Davin: "I worked on quickly reloading,.."

???: *smiling* "You wouldn't shoot that at this range." *drops sword and raises hands* "Especally at someone whom is unarmed."

Davin: "I'm not stupid, but also you should be more surprised how much I don't care about my life anymore."

*Davin fires, and by the concusion of the grenade, he flys backwards.*

((deac get rdy for a time skip :D))

03-02-2003, 07:19 PM
(nice idea scar)
Name: Ed Foley
Age: 22
Bio: Used to be a Special Operations solder with a reputation of disregarding orders to accomplish the misson. Was on a mission when his whole squad was infected. All joined The Forgotten Angels except him. He is in early stages of mutation, and is searching for an answear to his questions and for the elimination of the Forgotten Angels who he suspects is responsible for the death of his mentor/boss. There are no visible signs that he is a demon yet, but the goverment thinks he has joined the forgotten angels and is trying to find him
Mutations: increased Agility and hearing. He is jumping higher every day. He can also make himself look younger or older at will
*Ed Foley arrives at the bank in a trench coat, looking like a mid 30s-40 year old man, and uses an old fake Special Operations ID to get past the national gaurd*
Foley: I'm going in for some reconissance
Soldier: You can't do that.
Foley: What's your rank, soldier?
Soldier: Sargent
Foley: Well in case you didn't read the card I'm a major, Sargent and I recommend you follow my request and let me through before I make that an order.
Soldier: Yes sir.
*Foley passes the National Gaurd and approaches the bank on the first floor, where a Demon tries to stop him, Foley throws his trench coat off reveaing a shotgun in his hands, a submachine gun strapped to one shoulder, and pistols in their hoilsters*
Forgotten Angel: Oh cra
*Foley shoots him with the shotgun before he can finish the statement and enters the building*

03-02-2003, 09:49 PM
((hey JM, so far what shoudl be read, the rest of the forgotten Angels in the bank are dead. :D

but its okay if you managed to kill one that Davin forgot :)
other then that the one that Davin poped at the last minute, is yet to be, or is dead. ^_~
not only that Davin is unconsious))

03-03-2003, 01:49 PM
Bulitov: That's it. I'm going in.

*Bulitov exits the van. He walks up to the national guard members surrounding the bank*

Guard: Are you insane, you can't go- #gagh!#

*Bulitov creates a weak micro-black hole behind him, knocking him down. He then closes it, and flies in through a first-story window, watched by the crowd*

03-03-2003, 01:53 PM
*enters building and finds it empty except for some bodies near the elevators.*
Foley: someone got here first
*reloads shotgun, picks up some shell/bullet samples from the bodies before heading up the stairs until finally reaching the floor where Davin and the demon fought*
Foley *checking both the demon's and Davin's vital signs*:Dead, unconcious.
*fills a glass with some water from a nearby water cooler and pours the water on Davin's face*

03-03-2003, 06:07 PM
Onscene reporter: "Jane, we are going to try and stay here as long as it takes. although things have quieted down a quite a bit, a uniformed officer has entered the building." *sees Bulitov.* "There's another demon walking right for the building. Hold on a second."

*Jessica follows Bulitov, carring a shotgun.*

Reporter: "There is a female walking behind the demon armed with a rifle."

*sees the effect of the 'black hole'*

Reporter: "Soemthign strange had happend to the national guard that attempted to stop the two from entering..."

Jes: "Wow, you kinda have that effect with personal space, huh?"

*Jessica seening that she can't follow Bulitov through the window, runs for the stairs. loading the shotgun*


*Davin twitches a little, still knocked out.*

*unseen to Foley, the demon mysteriously vanishes.*

((Not in thin air, just if Foley turns back around, the body isn't there...))

03-03-2003, 08:03 PM
Foley: c'mon wake up
*emties water cooler on Davin*

03-03-2003, 10:01 PM
((No offence, but Davin just got knocked unconsious by the concussion of the M79 grenade at close range. He's not getting up soon, not to mention the nice burns he has on his body wou dlhave put him out for a good portion of time ^_^))

03-04-2003, 12:24 PM
((well, since that won't work.))
*notices burns are heavier than he thought*
well, this guy won't walk out of here
Comm officer: Sir?
OiC (officer in command) : yes?
Comm officer: we got permission to move in.
OiC: great. Green team move in, Red and Gold Support, Blue team stand by.
*sees the military moving in*
Foley: well, there goes the easy way
*drags Davin to the edge of the stairs and starts signaling the military guys to help him*

03-04-2003, 01:41 PM
*Bulitov has entered an area controlled by a SWAT team. They all point their rifles at him*

SWAT Leader: Get your hands up! Do it now!

*Bulitove twists his hands around, causing the team to spin in a vortex. As they float, dazed in the air, (but not high off the ground), Bulitov moves them out of the window and lets go. They all survive the fall.
He moves over to the door. It is locked. No problem. Gravity knows no doors*

03-04-2003, 04:25 PM
*Jessica burst through the stairwell, and points her shotgun at Foley*

Jes: "Hold it there."

03-04-2003, 04:32 PM
No uniform, an angel would've shot me, only one other thing
Foley: Listen lady, your friend here has some very bad burns, and if we don't get him out soon you'll have to pay a pretty large bail.

03-04-2003, 06:13 PM
((BTW: special forces wouldnt splsh gallons of water on an unconscious person, it might drown the person.))

*Cocks shotgun.*

Jes: "Your not National Guard. You one of 'em?" *lowering the barrel.* "Alright."

03-04-2003, 07:14 PM
Foley: I'm not National Gaurd, they don't know that yet. There's a medical tent outside, we can get what we need from there and treat him somewhere else. You got a van?

03-05-2003, 06:48 AM
Jes: "Yes, I'll get it, you get him out of here."

((deac's cue to enter ^_^))

03-05-2003, 07:27 PM
Foley: what's the most he has survived before?

03-05-2003, 07:38 PM
((Hey JM: why did you stop posing in c9? I had a good amount of stuff that I was planing for ya ^_^))

Jes: "He's reckless, but this is pretty bad to what he's done before, what did he shoot that at?" *Looks behind Foley, noone there but the spot where the grenade blew*

03-05-2003, 08:21 PM
((hmmm, i knew i was forgetting about one thread ;) ))
Foley: He shot at that *points to where dead body was, looks and sees there's nothing there* ... guy
strange, could've sworn a body was there a minute ago
Foley: Do you know anything about medicine?

03-06-2003, 03:05 PM
*Bultiov runs through the door*

"Jes and...whoever you are! More of them are coming...but I think I'll stop their 'copter. Just tell me where to meet you-"

*A bullet is fired. Bulitov notices only just in time and clenches his fist hard. All are knocked over, but the bullet lands safely on the ground*

"Still working on that."

03-06-2003, 04:42 PM
Jes: "Alright, you two bring him down these stairs, i'll get to the Van."

*Jes runs down the stairs ahead.*

03-09-2003, 06:26 PM
*Bultov and Foley carry Davin down and get him to the makeshift on-site infermary, telling all soldiers to hold their fire*
Foley: Here
*tosses burn ointment to Bulitov*
Foley: apply to all burnt areas

03-09-2003, 08:16 PM
*Jes runs out of the building, and around national guard, trying to stay out of sight. She begins to make her way to the van.*

03-21-2003, 05:29 PM
*The winged-man whom fought agenst Davin in the bank, holds his chest with one arm, while standing on top of a building far above the scene. He looks as national guard return to the scene, and investigate what had happened. He grunts, turns, and leaves.*

((Okay I think the prologue is good and done enough to start the damn thing :P))

12-23-2010, 03:31 AM
My name is kookee, and I have no idea how to spell check!!!!

any1 still interested in this? :3